Announcing: Red Hat OpenShift on Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform

December 11, 2018

Just in time for the KubeCon and CloudNativeCon in Seattle, we are happy to announce the closed beta availability of Red Hat OpenShift for Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform Container Engine. By bringing OpenShift on Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform, customers benefit from even more options: They can freely choose how and where to run their containerized workloads without cost and resource intensive builds. Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform provides native support for Bare Metal, VMware, and OpenStack environments for on-prem, as well as public cloud deployments, including Azure, AWS, and GCP.

The rapid uptake of cloud computing and cloud native technologies is quickly transforming enterprise infrastructure: Pets that were once hard to raise have become cattle - large numbers of nameless, easy-to-care-for machines. Although we’re very excited about the potential of these technologies, the reality is that OpenShift clusters have become the new pets: Hard to raise, maintain, and replace.

Our goal is to help businesses run their container-based infrastructure as cattle with instances that are easy to set up, manage, and dispose - regardless of location and scale. That’s why we integrated OpenShift into Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform: to provide businesses with a low-maintenance and reliable way to deploy and manage their OpenShift infrastructure.

OpenShift on Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform Container Engine empowers businesses to:

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Kristin Wittig

Kristin Wittig

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