Discover the Must-Attend Kubermatic Talks at KubeCon Europe 2024!

Salut, Kubernauts! 🥐 With the enchanting KubeCon Europe just around the Seine bend, the Kubermatic team is eagerly preparing for a rendezvous in the City of Lights. We’ve curated a lineup of five talks that promise to ignite your curiosity and deepen your understanding of cutting-edge technologies within the Kubernetes ecosystem.

KubeCon 2024: What’s New?

At KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2024 in Paris, attendees can expect an immersive experience delving into the latest advancements in cloud native technologies. The finalized schedule boasts a diverse array of topics ranging from AI to WebAssembly (WASM), eBPF, and environmental sustainability. With 223 sessions, keynotes, lightning talks, and breakout sessions, as well as 90 CNCF project maintainer-hosted sessions, participants have ample opportunities to explore cutting-edge concepts and gain insights from industry experts.

Kubermatic Talks: Mark Your Calendars

With an impressive array of talks, KubeCon EU offers a diverse range of insights. Here are eight talks from Kubermatic that we are excited about:

Will ARM be the new Mainstream in our Data Centers? - Tobias Schneck, Principal Architect at Kubermatic
March 17, 04:00 PM CET at Cloud Native Rejekts

Gain insights into the current state of the ecosystem and explore the potential of ARM technology in revolutionizing data centers, shedding light on its stability, reliability, and efficiency.

Unleashing Kubernetes Intelligence - running k8sgpt utilizing your own fine-tuned LLM - Mario Fahlandt - Customer Delivery Architect at Kubermatic

March 19, 10:45 AM CET at Cloud Native AI Day

Mario will take you on a journey into the realm of K8sGPT, showcasing its transformative powers in Kubernetes environments. Learn how to fine-tune an LLM (Language Model) with Kubeflow and harness LocalAI within Kubernetes clusters to diagnose and triage issues using simple English.

Building a Platform Engineering API Layer with kcp - Marvin Beckers, Team Lead at Kubermatic

March 19, 11:05 AM CET at Platform Engineering Day

Marvin will discuss how the kcp project supercharges platform engineering, enabling a SaaS-like experience for internal service providers and developers. Don’t miss out on exploring the future of platform engineering with kcp.

A Practical Guide to SIG Release Tooling for Kubernetes Subprojects - Marko Mudrinić, Software Engineer at Kubermatic
March 19, 11:45 AM CET at Kubernetes Contributor Summit

Join Marko as he reveals the hidden gems of SIG Release tooling, offering insights into publishing container images, binary artifacts, and system packages. Discover best practices for aligning Kubernetes subprojects with the Kubernetes release process to improve efficiency and maintain consistency.

Managing Content Streams in SIG-Contribex-Comms - Mario Fahlandt, Customer Delivery Architect at Kubermatic with Kaslin Fields (Google)
March 19, 01:45 PM CET at Kubernetes Contributor Summit

Dive into the world of end user communications as the Contributor Comms subproject of SIG ContribEx takes on additional responsibilities this year. This interactive session welcomes all interested Kubernauts to collaborate on planning strategies for communicating with end users across diverse platforms.

Get Your CI Jobs Optimized Together! - Marko Mudrinić, Software Engineer, and Koray Oksay, Kubernetes Consultant & Instructor at Kubermatic
March 19, 03:00 PM CET at Kubernetes Contributor Summit

Discover how to optimize CI jobs running on Prow build clusters, ensuring efficient resource usage and cost savings without compromising job stability. Learn about available tooling and receive expert guidance to optimize your jobs effectively.

Why Kubernetes is Inappropriate for Platforms, and How to Make it Better - Sebastian Scheele, CEO of Kubermatic with Stefan Schimanski (Upbound) and Mangirdas Judeikis (Cast AI)

March 21, 03:25 PM CET at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon

Explore the challenges of building platforms on Kubernetes and discover strategies to extend Kubernetes’ architecture for improved platform engineering. Gain insights into adapting Kubernetes to better serve the needs of service providers and consumers.

Contribfest: Build, Document, and Learn About Tinkerbell Community
Templates and Integrations - Moath Qasim, Head of Engineering at Kubermatic with Jacob Weinstock (AWS)
March 22, 04:00 PM CET at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon

Contribute to building and documenting community templates and integrations for Tinkerbell, collaborating with fellow community members to enhance the ecosystem’s capabilities.

Join Us at KubeCon Europe!

The Kubermatic team is excited to be a part of KubeCon EU 2024. Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with our team and explore the possibilities of cloud-native technologies.

Be sure to mark your calendars and check the schedule for these insightful talks. We look forward to seeing you in Paris! À bientôt!

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