Introducing Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform 2.0

On the occasion of KubeCon North America, we are excited to announce the release of Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform Container Engine 2.0. The new release includes a number of improvements and features that make it even easier to setup, deploy and manage a Kubernetes environment in the cloud, on-prem and in hybrid scenarios.

Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform Container Engine 2.0 features cover:

  • Integration of Microsoft Azure, TelekomCLOUD, Google Cloud Platform, Huawei and OpenStack
  • Certified 1.8 Kubernetes distribution with automated cluster upgrades and support of CustomResourceDefinitions
  • Centralized user management with support of groups and roles and SSH key management across all supported providers
  • Integration of nodeset/nodeclass with automated cluster scaling
  • Integration of Canal with policy-based networking
  • Dashboard version 2

Extended Cloud Provider Support

It is your specific use-case that defines the ideal Kubernetes setup: in private and/or public cloud, on-prem or in hybrid scenarios. Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform makes it easy to deploy and manage multiple clusters on your preferred infrastructure by supporting major public cloud provider including AWS, Digital Ocean, OpenStack, GCP, Huawei, TelekomCLOUD, Microsoft Azure, VMware as well as bare metal.


Certified Kubernetes 1.8 Distribution and Automated Cluster Upgrades

The new release enables you to always run the latest upstream version of Kubernetes without needing manual intervention. You simply decide to update your cluster and Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform does everything for you.


Centralized User Management

Thanks to centralized user management, users can easily access the cluster via the Kubernetes API. Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform enables you to define roles and groups so you can set-up dedicated clusters for each team.

Automated Cluster Scaling

With the integration of nodeset, you can scale your Kubernetes clusters up and down by simply setting the number of desired nodes while Kubernetes itself takes care of the rest. This enables you to add and delete nodes without manual intervention, regardless of the underlying provider.


Read more about Kubernetes auto-scaling using kube-note .

Policy-Based Networking

With the new release, you now have access Canal’s fine-grained network policies offering you the highest standard of security for your cloud native applications.

Dashboard Version 2

The new Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform dashboard leads users intuitively through the entire deployment process to eliminate potential pitfalls and comes with an attractive look-and-feel.

Where to learn more

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Kristin Wittig

Kristin Wittig

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