As KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America Virtual kicks off, we are proud to announce general availability of KubeOne 1.1. 

KubeOne is our open source cluster lifecycle management tool for single Kubernetes clusters. It automates the deployment and Day 2 operations of Highly Available clusters for the cloud, the datacenter, and edge and IoT environments. The new release of KubeOne 1.1 adds a cluster autoscaler and the possibility to mirror Docker images onto a private registry. Private registries help organizations ease possible effects resulting from the introduction of Docker rate limits.

With the new autoscaler, users can now define the utilization threshold where nodes are automatically added to the cluster. In addition to removing manual effort, the new feature helps optimize resource usage and costs, while enabling heavy scaling strategies.

Registry Mirroring allows users to easily store all Docker images used for the Kubernetes components onto a private registry. This increases the stability and the longevity of Kubernetes installations in the light of Docker rate limits. Moreover, the release adds an OverwriteRegistry functionality, with which users can redirect the source for the installation to their private repository.

What we have shown above is just a glimpse of how we relentlessly work on improving the user experience of KubeOne. We put continued effort in automating every aspect of Kubernetes operations while giving you the flexibility to work with your infrastructure of choice without vendor-lock in. If you want to learn more about the KubeOne project, check it out on Github or contact us so we can assist you. 

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Sascha Haase

Sascha Haase

VP Edge