Kubermatic News: KubeCon Europe Virtual

The countdown is on – only a few days left until KubeCon Europe Virtual 2020 starts! We are extremely excited to get started for this special online edition of the conference and we hope you are too.

KubeCon usually means three busy days full of talks, meetings and side events. To be well prepared and to not miss any cool opportunities, check out what we have planned during and in the days leading up to the online event.

Here’s what else Kubermatic is doing at KubeCon:

  • Join our Day 0 workshop: Getting Started With Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform – Installation and Usage
  • Sign up for our webinar: Introducing KubeCarrier – Operating Services the Cloud Native Way
  • Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform is now open source! Learn more about this exciting milestone and meet us at our booth in the Startup Hall A
  • Check out Bill’s talk on accelerating drug discovery by competitive cooperation through open source
  • If you want to chat with us outside the event platform, please join our Kubermatic channel within the KubeCon Slack workspace

Kubermatic Platform Installation and Usage

Join Our Day 0 Workshop

In this workshop, you will learn how to install Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform on an existing Kubernetes cluster.

Topics covered in this session:

  • Architecture overview
  • How to setup Kubermatic master and seeds including the required infrastructure
  • How to deploy user clusters
  • Introduction to advanced use cases and multi location / cloud setups:+1
  • Demo: Setting up Kubermatic from scratch on GCE/AWS?

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Introducing KubeCarrier

Join Our Webinar: Introducing KubeCarrier

In this webinar, you will learn how to operate services across multiple clusters, clouds, and regions in a truely cloud native way leveraging Kubernetes Operators with project KubeCarrier.

This session covers:

  • Project Background
  • Architecture
  • Getting Started

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Virtual KubeCon Europe booths

Meet Us At Our Booth In The Startup Hall A

Exciting days are behind us – with the announcement of open sourcing Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform on June 17, 2020, we made the core software code publicly available under the Apache 2.0 License.

In line with our strong commitment to make Kubernetes as boring as possible, we want to empower IT teams everywhere to automate the management of hundreds or thousands of Kubernetes clusters regardless of the underlying infrastructure.

Beyond that, we have big plans for more interesting and cool open source projects. Visit us at our virtual booth in the Startup Hall A and find out more!

If you want to make sure that we’ve got time for a chat or a demo, schedule a 1:1 with us now.

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Talk at KubeCon Virtual: Accelerating Drug Discovery

Accelerating Drug Discovery by Competitive Cooperation Through Open Source

Camille from Owkin and Bill from Loodse are going to talk about the machine learning based drug discovery consortium “MELLODDY” and how it boosts drug discovery model development while addressing both security and privacy preservation concerns. Kubernetes provides the consistent computing infrastructure across companies, ensuring that data owners maintain control while running the common ML software and sharing the resulting models. The talk is on Wednesday August 19 at 1:45 PM CEST.

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Find Us On KubeCon Slack

If you want to chat with us outside the event platform, please join our Kubermatic channel #6-kubecon-kubermatic within the KubeCon Slack workspace. We are looking forward to meeting you.

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