KubeLB Unveiled: New Multi-Tenant Load Balancer

We’re thrilled to introduce KubeLB, the latest open-source project from Kubermatic. KubeLB is tailored for multi-tenant applications, operates seamlessly as a service, allowing multiple customers to leverage the same software with ease.


Running Containers and Virtual Machines Side by Side

Cloud native and Kubernetes are two of the hottest buzz words in the IT industry today. However, the sparkle of these terms cannot cover the legacy tangle of tech hiding at the back of every enterprise datacenter or even cloud infrastructures. Greenfield deployments of containers can easily take …


Introducing Aquayman

At Kubermatic we are using to host our various Docker repositories. Over the last few years, cruft accumulated and we noticed that keeping team memberships up-to-date as employees and customers change became a hassle. For Github we already make use of Peribolos, a wonderful tool to manage …

Edge Computing

Edge Computing Requires Cloud Native Thinking Today

Edge computing is creating a new internet. In an age where consumers and businesses demand the smallest possible delay between asking a question and getting an answer, edge computing is the only way to reduce the time to insight. Edge computing shrinks this gap by lowering latency, dealing with data …


Kubernetes as a Container Orchestration Tool

Kubernetes as a Container Orchestration Tool In our last post Getting Started With Containers, we discussed the basic terms, concepts and tools that are associated with containers. It is time to take a step further by diving into Kubernetes as a container orchestration tool. I will explain step by …


Getting Started With Containers

To know the nitty-gritty of Kubernetes, what it can do, and how it will get it done, it is imperative to understand some basic terms that are associated with containers and Kubernetes. In this blog post, I will start with the very basics and cover the difference between containers and VMs, the main …


Our Kubermatic News in April 2020

Migrating onto a new platform is challenging and time consuming as it is – but can be a rewarding endeavour. Our CEO Sebastian talks in his new blog post about how Kubermatic can help. Other highlights this month: Find out how to do a virtual 4G simulation using Kubernetes and GNS3 Check out our …


Migrating away from NetApp Kubernetes Service

NetApp recently shared that they will discontinue their NetApp Kubernetes Service (NKS) on the 19th of March. As an NKS customer, you now have the challenge to migrate your Kubernetes clusters and workloads to a new solution. NKS will cease operations on April 30, 2020 giving customers and end users …


Our Kubermatic News in March

Within the shortest time possible, Covid-19 has turned the world as we know it upside down. In times of uncertainty, we would like to assure you of our firm support: Our geographically distributed team is well equipped for remote work. We can help with remote Kubernetes / Cloud Native Training, …


Kubernetes Project: Kubermatic Is the Top 5 Contributor

As co-founder of one of the leading Kubernetes based product companies, I am proud of what our team has achieved in the last 12 months. Kubermatic is the Top 5 corporate contributor to the Kubernetes Project right after Google, VMware, Red Hat and Microsoft. This is an outstanding achievement. …


Announcing Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform 2.13

At Kubermatic, we are determined to create a cloud native future where 90% of IT time and money is spent on business innovation, not operations. To provide you with everything you need to automate the management of countless Kubernetes clusters across any infrastructure, we are constantly working on …


Life of a Container

Disclaimer: I gave a talk of the same title at Kubernetes Forum Delhi. You may watch the video on YouTube if you prefer that. Additionally this post also serves as a reference for the commands used in the demos. I have been programming for almost six years now and have used containers for nearly the …


Why Kubernetes Operators Bring You the Next Level of Automation

Kubernetes has emerged as the world’s most powerful container orchestration platform, but its true power is hidden behind an extensible API and automation framework that will redefine how future platforms are built and operated. Kelsey Hightower, Technologist, Google One of Kubernetes greatest – and …