Kubermatic named in Gartner® Cool Vendors™

Kubermatic GmbH, a leading provider of automated kubernetes management solutions, has been recognized as one of the five ‘Cool Vendors’ in the August 2023 report by Gartner titled ‘Cool Vendors in Container Management’


Working With My Colleagues Miles Away

Companies today are still sceptical about working as a distributed company. Individual days in home office may be okay, but having almost all colleagues sitting in their homes or coworking spaces across the world seems to be dubious. How will it influence the productivity of my team? Or what do I …


We Are Happy to Support LF Networking

The Open Networking Summit seems like the right occasion to announce that Kubermatic is becoming a Silver Member of LF Networking. We strongly support its mission to harmonize open source networking across platforms, networks, and communities. As an early member of the Cloud Native Computing …


Running Kubernetes In The CI Pipeline For Integration & E2E Tests

Ensuring your Kubernetes component, such as a controller or an operator, works correctly is an important step before merging a pull request or deploying it to the production. You want to be sure that incoming changes will not introduce any regression or negatively effect any part of the system. This …


Cloud Native Best Practices #1: Containerization Cuts Costs

To quote Michael Dell, “the cloud isn’t a place, it’s a way of doing IT.” According to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), in the past 9 months, production cloud native deployments - across public clouds and private data centers - have increased by over 200%. Cloud native provides numerous …


GoDays Berlin Recap

Go is quickly becoming one of the most popular programming languages. In addition, many of the fastest growing open source projects, like Kubernetes and Prometheus, are also written in Go. At Kubermatic, the core of our product Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform is written in Go and it is the fan …


KubeCon Seattle Recap

Since we were last in Seattle for KubeCon two years ago, the rainy weather hasn’t changed, but the Kubernetes community has undergone a drastic change. With 8,500 conference attendees and a waiting list of over 1,400 people, the tidal wave of Kubernetes has truly hit the shore of enterprise IT. To …


Announcing: Red Hat OpenShift on Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform

Just in time for the KubeCon and CloudNativeCon in Seattle, we are happy to announce the closed beta availability of Red Hat OpenShift for Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform Container Engine. By bringing OpenShift on Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform, customers benefit from even more options: They can …


Empowering SysEleven to Manage Their Own Infrastructure

SysEleven is one of central Europe’s premier hosting companies with eleven years of delivering high-quality services to over 450 customers. At SysEleven’s core is a team of dedicated experts who believe that the best managed-hosting experience comes from partnering with customers to find the right …


Introduction to Kubernetes Cluster-API Project

Kubernetes Cluster-API is an attempt to bring declarative, Kubernetes-style API for managing clusters and machines. It allows you to define all Cluster and Machines as Kubernetes objects (based on CustomResourceDefinitions) and then a cloud-specific Cluster-API provider will reconcile your request, …