We Proudly Present KKP 2.18 and KubeOne 1.3

Today, we are thrilled to announce Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform (KKP) 2.18 and KubeOne 1.3. Our team has put a lot of thought, love, and sweat into both releases to deliver our biggest update to date. These releases introduce a large number of advanced features to help you securely deploy and operate your Kubernetes clusters in even the most demanding use cases and across any hybrid-cloud, multi-cloud and edge environment.

Highlights of the KKP 2.18 release include the introduction of edge-ready multi user cluster Monitoring Logging, and Alerting and fortified governance and control features like cluster templates, metering integration, enhanced Open Policy Agent capabilities, and Automatic Backups, all centrally managed from the KKP UI. In addition, the newly added support for AWS Spot Instances allows you to easily optimize for cloud cost, with up to 70% savings. (At least, that’s how much we saved on our CI pipeline, by using this feature ourselves) You’ll find all of the details in the KKP release post

The 1.3 release of our cluster lifecycle management tool KubeOne features a new Addons API for an enhanced Addons experience, improved security with managed support for encryption providers, automated Docker to containerd migration, advanced AWS Spot Instances support and much more. For more information, please check out the KubeOne release post.

Both KubeOne and the Community Edition of Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform are 100% open source and freely available to everyone on Github.

We really hope the new releases help you gain power through automation and provide you with the best Kubernetes experience possible. BTW: if you pay close attention while reading our release posts, you might find a hidden Easter egg, so keep an eye out for it!

Attention: Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform 2.18 will be available for download on September 16, 2021.

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Kristin Wittig

Kristin Wittig

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