Running HA Kubernetes clusters on AWS using KubeOne

In a previous blog post, we talked about KubeOne and how it makes your highly available Kubernetes cluster easier to manage. In this post, I’ll show you step-by-step how to deploy and run a vanilla cluster with machine-controller and metrics-server on AWS. You may also adapt this process to …


ContainerDays 2019: 3 Years of Continued Container Craziness

In 2016, when we first launched ContainerDays, Docker was THE hot technology and Kubernetes had barely reached release 1.3. We felt that something special was shaping up in the cloud native ecosystem, but it was still very much unclear who the winner would be. Docker Swarm vs. Mesos vs. Kubernetes …


Running Kubernetes In The CI Pipeline For Integration & E2E Tests

Ensuring your Kubernetes component, such as a controller or an operator, works correctly is an important step before merging a pull request or deploying it to the production. You want to be sure that incoming changes will not introduce any regression or negatively effect any part of the system. This …


Introduction to Kubernetes Cluster-API Project

Kubernetes Cluster-API is an attempt to bring declarative, Kubernetes-style API for managing clusters and machines. It allows you to define all Cluster and Machines as Kubernetes objects (based on CustomResourceDefinitions) and then a cloud-specific Cluster-API provider will reconcile your request, …