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Weshalb Das Software-Startup Kubermatic Erst Fünf Jahre Nach Start Millionen Einsammelt

November 12, 2021 via Gründerszene

Kubermatic Sichert Sich 6 Millionen Us-Dollar in Seed-Finanzierung

November 10, 2021 via Hamburg Startups

Clusterbeheertool Kubermatic Groeit Dankzij Miljoeneninvestering

November 10, 2021 via Techzine

How Kubermatic Helps Automate Kubernetes Across Any Infrastructure

November 10, 2021 via VentureBeat

Kubermatic Raises $6M to Accelerate Growth of Its Kubernetes Platform

November 10, 2021 via Hosting Journalist

KubeOne 1.3 Makes the Life Easier!

September 27, 2021 via Cloud7 News

Cluster-Lifecycle-Management in Cloud-, On-Prem-, Edge- und IoT-Umgebungen

September 27, 2021 via Datacenter Insider

Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform Beats Complexity Through Automation

September 22, 2021 via The New Stack

Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform 2.18 Delivers Streamlined Operations Across Highly Complex Multi-Cloud Environments

September 15, 2021 via Digital Journal

Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform 2.18 legt beim Cluster-Monitoring nach

September 15, 2021 via heise online

Kubermatic Partners With DifiNative to Deliver Best-in-Class Services

July 1, 2021 via Business Wire India

Kubermatic K8s Platform 2.17 Automates Multi-Cluster Backups

May 21, 2021 via Container Journal

Kubermatic voegt back-up en replicatie toe aan Kubernetes-platform

May 21, 2021 via Techzine

Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform 2.17 intros automated backup and restore

April 30, 2021 via DevClass

Cloud-native: Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform 2.17 bietet automatisierte Backups

April 29, 2021 via heise online

Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform 2.17 released!

April 29, 2021 via cloud7

Kubermatic releases KubeOne 1.2

March 26, 2021 via Cloud7

Cluster-Lifecycle-Management-Tool: KubeOne 1.2 ist erschienen

March 24, 2021 via heise online

Die Zukunft des Cloud-Computing: Interview mit Julian Hansert, Co-Founder von Kubermatic

March 21, 2021 via Bytes for Business

60 Edge computing companies to watch in 2021

March 1, 2021 via STL Partners

Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform Supports OPA Integration

February 25, 2021 via Container Journal

Edge is getting crowded: Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform 2.16 adds ARM, OPA, ML support

February 11, 2021 via DevClass

Cloud-native: Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform 2.16 integriert Open Policy Agent

February 11, 2021 via heise online

Kubermatic Updates Control Plane for Kubernetes

February 10, 2021 via Container Journal

Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform 2.16 Delivers on State of The-Art Policy Enforcement

February 10, 2021 via Cision

Manage Multicluster Kubernetes with Operators

February 2, 2021 via The New Stack

DevOps consultancy Darumatic partners Kubermatic for APAC expansion

January 18, 2021 via iTMunch

Sydney consultancy Darumatic brings Kubermatic to APAC

January 18, 2021 via ARN

Kubermatic entwickelt sich trotz und wegen der Pandemie positiv

January 11, 2021 via Hamburg News

Interview: Sebastian Scheele, CEO and Co-founder, Kubermatic

December 9, 2020 via Cloud7

EuroCloud Native-Mitglieder im Interview: Kubermatic

December 7, 2020 via EuroCloud Deutschland

The 10 Hottest Kubernetes Startups Of 2020

November 20, 2020 via CRN

Kubermatic Releases KubeOne 1.1: New Autoscaler Helps Optimize Resource Usage

November 17, 2020 via Container Journal

The Smallest Kubernetes Cluster: Scaling Down to the Edge

November 4, 2020 via The New Stack

Kubermatic Announces Open Source Service Hub KubeCarrier

October 27, 2020 via InfoQ

Let the right one in: Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform hits 2.15 with external cluster support, new installer

October 22, 2020 via DevClass

Kubermatic introduces Kubernetes Platform 2.15

October 22, 2020 via Cloud7

Cloud-native: Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform 2.15 bindet externe Cluster ein

October 21, 2020 via heise online

Kubermatic Joins 5G Consortium to Advance Kubernetes Adoption

September 21, 2020 via Container Journal

5G Open Innovation Lab Selects Kubermatic to Drive Innovation on 5G

September 17, 2020 via TelecomDrive

Major pharma companies, including Novartis and Merck, build federated learning platform for drug discovery

September 17, 2020 via VentureBeat

Kubermatic Selected by 5G Open Innovation Lab to Help Drive Early Adoption and Innovation of 5G Technology

September 16, 2020 via Cloud Best Practices Network

5G Open Innovation Lab, backed by corporate giants, reveals 16 startups in second cohort

September 16, 2020 via GeekWire

Deploy a Deep Learning Model on Kubernetes

September 14, 2020 via

Cluster Lifecycle Management: Open-Source-Tool KubeOne 1.0 veröffentlicht

September 8, 2020 via JAXenter

Hot Kubernetes Startups Rancher, Kubermatic, and Kublr Bring the Heat

September 4, 2020 via TechGenix

What’s the point: Istio governance, CircleCI, Algorithmia, GraalVM, and KubeOne

August 25, 2020 via DevClass

5 Interesting Announcements From KubeCon+CloudNativeCon Europe 2020

August 23, 2020 via Forbes

Cluster-Lifecycle-Management: KubeOne erreicht Version 1.0

August 19, 2020 via heise online

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU: Carbon Relay releases Red Sky Ops free edition, and Kublr announce integration, and more

August 18, 2020 via ITOps Times

Kubermatic – Hamburger Container-Technik für die IT-Welt

August 11, 2020 via Hamburg Startups

Kubermatic KubeCarrier Readies a Single Interface for Multiclusters and Multiclouds

August 11, 2020 via The New Stack

Kubermatic Unveils KubeCarrier to Deliver Cloud-Native Service Management at Scale

August 8, 2020 via Hosting Journalist

ITOps Times Open-Source Project of the Week: KubeCarrier

August 7, 2020 via ITOps Times

Kubermatic veröffentlicht Kubecarrier unter Apache-Lizenz

August 6, 2020 via Linux-Magazin

Container Technology – Interview with Julian Hansert

August 6, 2020 via The Cloud Report

Kubermatic Launches KubeCarrier to Deliver Cloud Native Service Management at Scale with Kubernetes Operators

August 6, 2020 via

With newest open-source tool, Kubermatic adds a service hub to Kubernetes

August 5, 2020 via SiliconANGLE

Kubermatic launches open-source service hub to enable complex service management

August 5, 2020 via TechCrunch

Kubermatic starts the open source service hub to facilitate the complex management of services

August 5, 2020 via Newserector

Kubermatic Launches Hub for Kubernetes Operators

August 5, 2020 via Container Journal

KubeCarrier: Cloud-native service management with Kubernetes Operators

August 5, 2020 via heise online

5 ways vendors are innovating with Kubernetes management

July 28, 2020 via TechGenix

Loodse geht, Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform 2.14 kommt

June 30, 2020 via Cloudcomputing Insider

ITOps Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Kubermatic

June 26, 2020 via ITOpsTimes

What’s the point: Elastic, LLVM, rebrandings, Perl, and Harbor

June 24, 2020 via DevClass

Kubernetes Podcast with Kubermatic CEO Sebastian Scheele

June 24, 2020 via Kubernetes Podcast from Google

Loodse becomes Kubermatic and open-sources Kubernetes automation platform

June 18, 2020 via NEWS BREAK

Kubermatic-Plattform wird Open-Source

June 18, 2020 via Linux Magazin

Kubermatic (voorheen Loodse) maakt Kubermatic Kubernetes-platform open source

June 18, 2020 via BELGIUM cloud

Loodse Becomes Kubermatic, an Open Source Kubernetes Provider

June 17, 2020 via THE NEW STACK

Kubermatic becomes open source!

June 17, 2020 via the cloud report

Kubermatic, Formerly Loodse, Open Sources Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform

June 17, 2020 via PR Newswire

Kubernetes startup Kubermatic, formerly Loodse, open-sources its core technology

June 17, 2020 via siliconANGLE

Loodes becomes Kubermatic and open-sources Kubernetes automation platform

June 17, 2020 via the tech crunch

Kubermatic announces Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform

June 17, 2020 via cloud7

Kubermatic, anteriormente Loodse, abre el código fuente de su tecnología principal

June 17, 2020 via LinuxAdictos

Kubermatic abriu o código fonte da sua principal tecnologia

June 17, 2020 via Blog do Edivaldo

Kubermatic, Formerly Loodse, Open Sources Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform

June 17, 2020 via

Cloud-native: Loodse gibt Kubermatic als Open Source frei

June 17, 2020 via heise online

Kubermatic Open Sources Automation Platform for Kubernetes

June 17, 2020 via CONTAINER JOURNAL

Automating Infrastructure That Dates Back 100 Years

April 16, 2020 via THE NEW STACK

Bayer testet neues Konzept für KI-Daten-Strategie

April 7, 2020 via FinanzNachrichten

All things Kubernetes: What you’re missing at KubeCon this week

March 29, 2020 via siliconANGLE

Is Kubernetes the Cure to Cantankerous 5G Core?

March 25, 2020 via SDxCentral

Edge Computing Requires Cloud Native Thinking Today

March 11, 2020 via TFIR

Is your Kubernetes cluster a pet? Cloud Unfiltered podcast with Bill Mulligan

February 17, 2020 via SoundCloud

Kubermatic Steers Telco 5G Plans Toward Kubernetes

January 19, 2020 via SDxCentral

From Pets to X-as-Code: Enabling Control and Predictability for ITOps at Scale

October 25, 2019 via

Contributing to the Kubernetes Community: Getting Started Q&A with Contributor Nikhita Raghunath

August 30, 2019 via InfoQ

How to Treat Your Kubernetes Clusters Like Cattle, Not Pets

May 15, 2019 via The New Stack

Containers for all - are we there yet?

December 21, 2018 via DevClass

The Need for Speed – Wie Container-Technologien die Entwickler-Produktivität steigern

December 12, 2018

Containerisierte CI/CD-Pipelines mit OpenShift

October 25, 2018 via Java aktuell

Das Steuer übergeben

August 13, 2018 via heise online

Kubermatic und Wingu: Von Clustern und Proximity-Plattformen

February 22, 2018 via CIO

DevOps Tipps: Automatisiert so viele Prozesse wie möglich!

December 12, 2017 via JAXenter

CloudNativeCon/KubeCon: Alle lieben Kubernetes

December 8, 2017 via iX

Traut euch! Herausforderungen in Sachen Container sind überwindbar!

November 21, 2017 via JAXenter

Kube-Node: Let Your Kubernetes Cluster Auto-Manage Its Nodes

November 20, 2017 via The New Stack

CNCF Ensures Kubernetes Interoperability with a New Cert Program

November 13, 2017 via The New Stack

CNCF zertifiziert Kubernetes-Distributionen

November 13, 2017 via iX

Was Unternehmen beim produktiven Einsatz beachten müssen: Live gehen mit Containern

July 31, 2017 via t3n

ContainerDays 2017: fachlicher Austausch mit Festival-Charakter

June 29, 2017 via 1&1 Blog

„Die Experimentierfreude nimmt zu“ – aktuelle Entwicklungen bei Container-Technologien

June 13, 2017 via 1&1 Blog

Kubermatic Automates Kubernetes Cluster Management

June 5, 2017 via The New Stack

3 Startups eröffnen Coworking Space in Hamburg

May 5, 2017 via

German Accelerator wählt 20 deutsche Start-ups für sein Mentoring-Programm in den USA aus

May 2, 2017 via Pressebox

Where is Europe standing with containerization? – Interview with Sebastian Scheele, CEO and a Co-founder of Kubermatic

March 30, 2017 via Virtual Strategy Magazine

Running Kubernetes in Kubernetes

March 15, 2017 via The New Stack

How containers and clusters are revolutionizing IT infrastructure

September 8, 2016 via

Container: Die Zukunft der Cloud? – Interview mit Julian Hansert

June 22, 2016 via 1&1 Blog