Meet us @ContainerDays 2022 in Hamburg

We would love to see you there! Visit our booth at Kampnagel or online and check out what cool stuff we’ve planned for you.

Meet our Executives

Running Kubernetes at scale, meeting security and compliance requirements, and deploying Kubernetes clusters spanning on-premise or multiple public clouds can introduce an increasing amount of complexity. These are just a few pitfalls to mention when it comes to Kubernetes cluster management. Request a meeting with our Founders CEO, Sebastian Scheele and/or COO, Julian Hansert, ask your questions and find out how to easily master all these challenges with KKP.

Conversation between Sebastian and Julian

Request your Travel Masks

Whether arriving by plane, train, bus or other form of public transport, In Germany it is still mandatory to wear a FFP2 Facemasks when using public transport. We would like to make this easier for you and send you masks for your travel purposes.

Please note: the organizers of ContainerDays encourage all attendees to wear a face mask as soon as indoor areas get crowded.
Kubermatic FFP2 mask

Get your #kubernize T-Shirts and Stickers

Come and #kubernize with us! Visit our booth onsite and learn all about Kubermatic - our products and services. Visit our online booth and request a #kubernize package to be delivered to you.
kubernize T-shirts

Join our Workshop

Lines of Defence – Securing Your Kubernetes Clusters

  • Hubert Ströbitzer, Teamlead PS at Kubermatic
  • Wednesday, September 7 at 9:00 AM CEST

P.S.: If you haven’t saved your seat for the workshop yet, save 20% and get your ticket now by entering the code CDS22-WORKSHOP@Kubermatic

Kubermatic Sessions

Keynote: Containers and Kubernetes are here - ok, but what’s next?

  • Sebastian Scheele, CEO & Co-Founder at Kubermatic
  • Monday, September 5 at 9:20 AM CEST
  • Stage K6

Talk: Running Kubernetes in a Manufacturing Line – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

  • Mario Fahlandt, Kubernetes Consultant & Tobias Schneck, Principle Software Architect at Kubermatic
  • Monday, September 5 at 3:50 PM CEST
  • Stage K6

Talk: Pv6 / Dual-Stack in Kubernetes - Why, When, Where and How?

  • Rastislav Szabo, Software Engineer at Kubermatic
  • Monday, September 5 at 4:35 PM CEST
  • Stage P1

Lightning Talk: GitOps in Practice

  • Vijay Dharap, Kubernetes Consultant at Kubermatic
  • Tuesday, September 6 at 9:00 AM CEST
  • Stage K6

Talk: Reverse K8s resources: from YAML to Go structs

  • Jan Wozniak, Software Engineer at Kubermatic
  • Wednesday, September 6 at 11:35 AM CEST
  • Stage K1

Talk: A Post-Operator Age - The future of CRDs in a post-cluster world

  • Sebastian Scheele, CEO & CO-Founder at Kubermatic & Stefan Schimanski, Senior Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat
  • Tuesday, September 6 at 2:15 PM CEST
  • Stage K6

Product Demo

Whether you are just beginning with Kubernetes or you already have your first projects up and running: At Kubermatic, we want you to rock your cloud native journey!

Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform (KKP) is one way of kickstarting your Kubernetes projects anywhere by automating thousands of Kubernetes clusters across multi-cloud, on-prem and edge environments. Get a demo of KKP 2.21 and start your cloud native journey.