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CTO's Guide to Containers and Kubernetes: Top 10 FAQs

Published 22 January 2024

Containers and Kubernetes have significantly grown in popularity and adoption over the past five years. By 2029, more than 95% of global organizations will be running containerized applications in production, which is a significant increase from less than 50% in 2023. This research answers common client questions around these technologies that enable enterprise architecture and technology innovation leaders to make sound decisions.

Key Findings from the report:

  • Enterprise architecture and technology innovation leaders are keen to invest in container platform tools to enable software agility, increase developer productivity and modernize their applications.
  • Kubernetes has become a popular platform for building cloud-native applications, but the key constraints are a lack of adequate skills and mature DevOps practices to operationalize and succeed with large-scale production deployments.
  • Large cloud providers and container management software vendors are competing to be the platform of choice for cloud-native apps. Multicloud management and governance, DevOps toolchain integration, embedded security, support for stateful workloads, edge computing support, flexible consumption models and product maturity are among the key differentiators
  • Enterprises face challenges in accurately measuring the ROI of their cloud-native investments and creating the right organizational structure for it to flourish.
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Download the full research to get the recommendations and answers to the most common questions about Containers and Kubernetes that will help enterprise architecture and technology innovation leaders benefit from and operationalize these technologies.

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