Rancher 1.6 End of Life - Migrate today!

Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform - Your Alternative to Rancher 1.6

  • On June 30, 2020, the End of Life (EOL) for Rancher 1.6 will occur
  • Rancher Labs support portal will no longer be available beyond this date.
  • No straightforward upgrade path available from Rancher 1.6 to 2.x.
  • Rancher 2.x. has a complete new architecture

Why Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform:

Kubernetes has become the de-facto standard to drive innovation and business value in IT. Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform allows you to manage your enterprise workloads – from cloud native microservices to viable legacy applications – with one platform on any infrastructure.

Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform empowers you to centrally manage the global automation of thousands of Kubernetes clusters across multicloud, on-prem and edge with unparalleled density and resilience.

  • HA Self-healing Infrastructure
  • Multi-tenancy and User Management
  • Multicloud Self Service Portal
  • 100% Vanilla Kubernetes

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