Kubermatic KubeCarrier

KubeCarrier scales up to thousands of Kubernetes clusters to deploy and manage tens of thousands of applications, functions, and resources across multiple clouds and regions.

Kubermatic KubeCarrier Solves Your Operational Problems

The Enterprise Cloud Native App Store - A range of connected services are powering the next wave of digital transformation and cloud native principles are enabling applications to run across clouds, on-premise and edge locations. Having a store with a catalog of packaged applications, tools, and related automation for lifecycle management has become essential for enterprises. KubeCarrier is an open source project for managing services across multiple Kubernetes clusters running on numerous clouds across many regions. It provides these services to external users from a self service hub. Our subscription based service provides KubeCarrier Support with 24x7 business critical support to help customers bring their digital services on multi clusters into production.

Kubermatic KubeCarrier for Edge Environments

KubeCarrier is multi cloud, multi cluster application management that delivers an enterprise application store to every organization. It maintains application catalogs that are accessible to all parts of your organization, with all teams able to supply as well as consume in-house and external applications. For edge computing KubeCarrier adjusts workloads to the designated target areas and allows for configuration based on resource scarcity, limited network capabilities or any other restrictions that may arise.

KubeCarrier for Edge Environments

Kubermatic KubeCarrier for On-Prem

KubeCarrier is an enterprise application store that works on premise as well as in the cloud. It allows you to maintain application catalogs, available to all parts of your organization, enabling all teams ro supply as well as consume in-house and external applications. It truly brings the essence of cloud native into the enterprise application landscape and enables your on premise environment to deliver apps as easily as an app store. KubeCarrier OnPremise gives you the power of Kubernetes without needing containers or any other equipment and has applications deployed onto existing OpenStack distributions, AWS EC2 instances or VMware vSphere clusters from your very own private app store.

KubeCarrier for On-Premise Infrastructure and Containers

Kubermatic KubeCarrier for the Cloud

KubeCarrier is an enterprise application store that’s very handy/useful for large organizations that have workloads distributed across multiple clouds and an agile mindset for their development. Founded on cloud native principles, it gives every team the ability to supply as well as consume in-house and external apps. The KubeCarrier platform enables organizations to maintain catalogs of applications for ready consumption, making them available without having to worry about compatibility issues or administrative overhead.

KubeCarrier for the Cloud
KubeCarrier Concepts