KubeCarrier for Edge Environments

An open source project that addresses the complexities of automate full lifecycle management by harnessing the Kubernetes API and Operators into a central framework, allowing platform operators to deliver cloud native service management across edge locations, multi-cluster hub.

How KubeCarrier Covers All Your Edge Needs

If you’re looking to take your team’s productivity up a notch, KubeCarrier is the answer. This multi-cloud app store can deliver enterprise applications and services right into every corner of an organization – with no need for bulky upfront investments or complex installation processes! With this one simple solution in place everyone on staff will be able (and excited!) about what new tools they’ll have at their fingertips when needed most; namely during those busy days where even 10 minutes could make all difference between success vs failure.

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Global Leaders Work With Kubermatic

KubeCarrier and Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform are an unbeatable combination when it comes to automated deployments of applications in a multi-cloud environment. By harmonizing the infrastructure layer with the Kubermatic Platform, KubeCarrier offers a unique way of consuming distributed applications at unprecedented scale. Now you can give your developers and users the speed and agility they need to innovate in this fast- paced digital world.

KubeOne provides the most nimble way of running Kubernetes at the edge with the ability to scale to thousands of nodes. KubeCarrier and the Kubermatic KubeOne Platform are a dynamic duo for automated deployments of applications to edges and delivering distributed services. While aligning the infrastructure layer with the KubeOne Platform, KubeCarrier offers a unique way of consuming edge-ready applications at unprecedented scale. Get ready to service 1.000.000 instances of an application at once, with zero overhead.