Kubermatic KubeOne for Edge Environments

Kubermatic KubeOne provides an upstream Kubernetes cluster with full cluster lifecycle management of your Kubernetes clusters on the edge or in IoT deployments.

How Kubermatic KubeOne Covers All Your Edge Needs

KubeOne is an open source cluster lifecycle management tool that takes the pain out of managing Kubernetes clusters. It creates and manages highly available ones on every environment, including edge computing environments such as IoT devices or remote locations with limited connectivity- all while improving responsiveness for users by optimizing their experience based upon location (availability), device capabilities etc., reducing bandwidth consumption at once!

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VMware vSphere Static BareMetal ARM

Global Leaders Work With Kubermatic

KubeOne for Edge Environments on vSphere creates highly available Kubernetes clusters on your edge environment. It’s a perfect fit for manufacturing, for example, where users are leveraging existing environments and upgrading them to cloud native technologies. KubeOne on vSphere Edge is built with operations in mind – it has been designed from the ground up to be easy-to-manage and scale as necessary. You can easily deploy clusters of any size that will scale up or down automatically based on your needs. And because we use cloud native standards you don’t have to worry about vendor lock-in – you can always move your workloads elsewhere if needed!

Static BareMetal

KubeOne is a bare metal cluster lifecycle management tool that allows you to deploy highly available Kubernetes clusters on the edge. Thanks to KubeOne’s API-first design you can integrate your existing technology stack and upgrade it to cloud native. This enables rapid, cost-effective adoption of enterprise-grade cloud technologies without disruption or downtime. Edge computing has become an essential part of manufacturing and many other industries in which data needs to be processed in real time. KubeOne gives your company access to those resources right from your factory floor or field office without the need for costly Day 2 operations  by IT staff. The result? Reduced costs and increased productivity—making the future possible today!

KubeOne is a container-native solution for edge environments. KubeOne uses ARM architecture so it can be deployed on any device from an edge router to a Raspberry Pi at the IoT gateway. In addition, KubeOne has been designed with an API-first approach that allows businesses to leverage their existing infrastructure without having to build something new or replace legacy systems that may not have cloud native capabilities. The versatility of KubeOne allows us to address the needs of a wide variety of clients; manufacturers who want a better way to manage their edge devices, retailers who need a scalable content delivery network, and many more!