Automated Kubernetes Backups with KKP

Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform revolutionizes the way you manage Kubernetes clusters and persistent volumes, ensuring seamless backup, recovery, and migration across both on-premises and public cloud environments.

Simple & automated way to save your data to secure locations.

Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform offers an easy-to-use, self-service system for backing up and restoring data. Customizable approach allows project owners to take charge of backup settings independently.

This not only streamlines operations but also enhances disaster recovery capabilities and facilitates cluster migration. Moreover, users can selectively backup and restore specific namespaces, adding a layer of flexibility.

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User-Managed Backups

Unlike the previous system, which required platform administrators to handle backups through direct access to the Kubernetes etcd database, the new solution empowers Project owners in KKP to manage all backup-related settings themselves. This decentralization enhances autonomy and reduces dependency on platform admins.

Enhanced Disaster Recovery and Migration

Powered by Velero, the new solution leverages the Kubernetes API to save volumes and snapshots to custom storage destinations. This feature is ideal for disaster recovery and cluster migration, providing a robust and flexible backup mechanism that ensures data integrity and continuity.

Automated Backup Management

To minimize manual intervention, the new solution supports automated regular backups and the deletion of old backups. Project owners can also choose to backup and restore specific namespaces within the clusters, offering a tailored and efficient approach to data management.


Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform 2.25 revolutionizes cluster management with automated backups, empowering project owners to manage their own data protection. Leveraging Velero and the Kubernetes API, it ensures seamless backup, recovery, and migration across on-premises and cloud environments, while automating regular backups and old data deletion to enhance efficiency and data integrity.

Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform AI application screenshot
Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform AI application screenshot
Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform AI application screenshot

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