Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform

Enterprise software that automates multicloud, on-prem, and edge operations with a single management UI and API enabling you to deliver the cloud native transformation immediately.

Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform Automates Self Service Kubernetes Across The Enterprise
Speed Up Cloud Native Adoption
Setup and run your multicloud self service Kubernetes platform with the shortest time to market. Empower your developers and operations team to deploy their clusters in less than three minutes on any infrastructure. Centrally manage your workloads from a single dashboard with a consistent experience from cloud to on-prem to edge.
Automate Day 2 Operations and Compliance
Full life cycle management for thousands of Kubernetes clusters with automated deployments, upgrades, and policy compliance. Manage your cloud native stack at scale with enterprise level governance while eliminating time and resource intensive operations.
Leverage Best in Class Ecosystem Tooling
Empower your team to work with the stack they need. Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform is built using the leading open source tooling, but allows for integration with the solutions you already use. Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform engineers contribute to many open source projects, including Cluster API and the Kubernetes dashboard, ensuring roadmap consistency and community advocacy.
Key Features

Multicloud Self Service Portal

Centrally manage clusters with one intuitive interface

Certified Conformant Kubernetes

Ensure interoperability with any other Kubernetes installation

Multi-tenancy and User Management

RBAC, cluster authorization, authentication, and sharing

HA Self-healing Infrastructure

Kubernetes-in-Kubernetes architecture

100% Vanilla Kubernetes

Allows flexible configuration. If it works with Kubernetes, it works with Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform

Automated Cluster Configuration

Deploy clusters on any infrastructure in 3 minutes using your blueprint

Full Life Cycle Management

Upgrade your control plane and nodes without disruption and roll back as you need


Automatically scale your workloads to always meet demand

Integrated Metrics

Monitor health and resource consumption with built-in Prometheus and Grafana

Real-time Logging

Quickly view and analyze logs with an out of the box EFK stack

Service Accounts

Seamlessly authenticate any application via automated requests


Easily add any additional software, configuration, or policy into clusters

Cluster blueprints and presets

Provide guardrails to keep developers within company policies

Automated Backups and Failure Recovery

Out of the box integration with Project Velero

White Labeling

Customize Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform to your brand and needs

SSH Key Management

Provide access through automatically synced keys

Open Source Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform

The open source central Kubernetes Management Platform for any infrastructure. Centrally manage the global automation of thousands of Kubernetes clusters across multi-cloud, on-prem and edge with unparalleled density and resilience.

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