Kubermatic Virtualization powered by KubeVirt

Manage containers and virtual machines side by side on one underlying Kubernetes infrastructure powered by KubeVirt.

Main Benefits

Run Containers and Virtual Machines Side by Side
  • Run virtual machine workloads powered by KubeVirt
  • Combine container and existing virtual machine workloads
  • Connect virtualized and container workloads
  • Run legacy applications on cloud native infrastructure
Reduce Complexity and Leverage Kubernetes to Manage Virtual Machines
  • Build, run, and manage streamlined infrastructure rather than multiple stacks
  • Build infrastructure integrations once, then deploy everywhere
  • Reduce training and expertise needs and simplify tooling with one cloud native stack
Enterprise Grade Security, Resilience, and Density
  • Live migration of virtual machines while the guest workload continues to run and remains accessible
  • Cloud native self healing of virtual machines
  • Centralize security and policy concepts for containers and virtual machines
Open Source KubeVirt

Kubermatic Virtualization powered by KubeVirt – the open source tool for managing virtualization workloads on Kubernetes.

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