Kubermatic Professional Services and Trainings

Speed up your journey towards Kubernetes and multicloud with Kubermatic’s proven experts. We architect, migrate, and build inhouse competency to bring your cloud native stack into production. Kubermatic is a CNCF Certified Service Provider and Training Partner.

Professional Services
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Cloud Native Explore
A half-day workshop to elaborate a dedicated cloud native roadmap including architecture design and hosting model recommendations tailor-made to your specific requirements.
Cloud Native Design
A two day workshop to provide you with a clear scope, budget, and project plan for your cloud native project ensuring smooth and successful implementation.
Cloud Native Accelerator for Developers 
An 11.5 day engagement to get your developers up and running with Kubernetes DevOps. In close cooperation with your team, we develop a first PoC application to accelerate the adoption of cloud native technologies.
Kubernetes Accelerator for Operators
An 11.5 day engagement combining training, consultancy, and open source cluster lifecycle tooling to empower your team to reliably deploy and operate best-practice Kubernetes in production.
Application Migration Accelerator
An 11.5 day engagement to speed up large-scale migration of applications on to Kubernetes clusters, removing the need to maintain outdated legacy application infrastructure.
Kubernetes Operator Engineering Accelerator
Designed for teams confronted with the challenge of automating cloud native applications with their own Kubernetes Operator. In an 11.5 day engagement, we develop a first PoC Operator to speed up automation of Kubernetes operations.
Kubermatic Edge Computing Accelerator
A 20.5 day engagement combining training, consultancy, and open source tooling to implement Kubernetes cluster operations across hundreds or even thousands of distributed remote environments.
Kubermatic Virtualization Accelerator Powered by KubeVirt
An 11.5 day engagement demonstrating how to run containers and virtual machines side by side on the same Kubernetes infrastructure using KubeVirt and Kubermatic.
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Kubernetes Fundamentals
A three-day online course that accelerates your understanding of Kubernetes and is focused on building, deploying, and managing an application on Kubernetes.
Kubernetes Application Development
An eight-hour online course that provides deep insights into configuration and lifecycle management as well as exemplary implementations of a monitoring and logging stack.
An eight-hour online course that covers the installation and upgrading of Istio as well as a comparison between different service mesh products.
Container Fundamentals
An eight-hour online course that covers the fundamentals of container technologies and provides practical instructions for running containers in production.
Kubernetes Administration (LFS458)
A four-day online course that covers core concepts typically used to build and administer a Kubernetes cluster in production, using vendor-independent tools. The LFS458 is an excellent preparation for the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exam.
Kubernetes for App Developers (LFD459)
A three-day online course teaching participants how to containerize, host, deploy, and configure an application in a multi-node Kubernetes cluster in a production environment.
Kubernetes Operations Fundamentals
An eight-hour online course focused on getting a deep understanding of Kubernetes in production use cases. We introduce fundamental concepts such as the etcd cluster, Kubernetes control plane, Kubernetes workers and clients.
Kubernetes Operator Development
A 16-hour online course focused on building and deploying a Kubernetes Operator. It introduces basic Kubernetes Operator concepts and provides practical labs on Kubernetes Operator development.
Monitoring with Prometheus
An eight-hour online course that accelerates your understanding of Prometheus and provides practical instruction on how to implement Prometheus on Kubernetes.
Advanced Operations of Kubernetes with KubeOne
An eight-hour online course that covers the fundamentals on deploying and operating Kubernetes with KubeOne. KubeOne is an open source lifecycle management tool for highly available clusters on any infrastructure.