A real step forward in cloud native infrastructure provisioning?

A partner webinar with Scandio GmbH.

Explore the opportunities that Crossplane offers in building an integrated Infrastructure as Code solution, centered around Kubernetes. These possibilities as well as the concepts of Crossplane are illustrated in this webinar by two examples inspired by real-world customer projects.

First, let’s take a look at how an existing infrastructure stack for running a development toolchain on Azure Kubernetes Service initially set up on Terraform was migrated to a hybrid ArgoCD / Terraform deployment and finally to a Kubernetes native ArgoCD / Crossplane workflow. We will go over the general process of migrating existing infrastructure, the improvements achieved, and future plans in regards to multi-tenant and multi-cluster infrastructure.

Second, we will show a possible architecture of a centralized, multi-tenant Everything-as-a-Service platform built with Crossplane and KKP. We will briefly outline the platform architecture that enables multi-tenancy and show how Crossplane is also used to control the platform itself. Based on the example of the “Platform Account”, we will show you the true power of Crossplane to define your own opinionated APIs.

Speakers: Daniel Kraus, Kubernetes Consultant at Kubermatic and Benjamin Ritter, Cloud Engineer at Scandio.

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