Datacenter in a Suitcase a real small edge case


Watch Mario Fahlandt's Talk at ContainerDays 2023

The challenges brought to the cloud native community are ever expanding. Luckily also the tools and the hardware support is expending. Edge is a topic which appears ever more often. The challenges there are as much as the use cases. Here we want to explore how to build a true portable datacenter what can travel easily and brings enough power to support certain applications. A datacenter which fits in a suitcase and is possible to bring to remote locations to help there to bring computing power directly to the place to be. With the help of various CNCF projects, this comes to live. The base is a MiniITX Clusterboard with multiple ARM based hardware nodes. On top the utilization will take place with KubeVirt, and we utilize the small control plane approach of the Kubermatic Kubernetes platform to create a real multi cluster Datacenter. Follow me in this Case Study to unlock a really portable Datacenter.

This case study and the open source approach of its design is aimed to give a possible solution for small real edge datacenters. An easy to built public available blueprint for a portable datacenter shows the strong parts of our Open Source community. The utilization of multiple CNCF open source projects and the sharing of the created blueprint to everyone. So it will be easy for more people to explore the edge world by themselves and can create their on solutions based on it

Speaker: Mario Fahlandt, Kubernetes Consultant at Kubermatic

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