How to Manage Thousands of Kubernetes Applications With Minimal Efforts Using KubeCarrier


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One of Kubernetes greatest – and most difficult to keep – promises is the ability to eliminate much of the operational burden of managing applications and services on multi-cloud infrastructure. Kubernetes Operators deliver on this promise by automating the management of applications and services lifecycle. However, provisioning, reconfiguring, and tearing down applications and services across multiple clusters is still hard and time-intensive. 

KubeCarrier is an open-source project for managing services across multiple Kubernetes clusters and provides facilities to provide services to internal and external users in a self-service catalog. In this talk, we demonstrate how to use KubeCarrier to automatically manage the full lifecycle of applications and services to end-users with the self-service catalog and to easily manage services across multiple clusters, independent of cloud, data center, and region.

Speaker: Jiacheng Xu, Software Engineer at Kubermatic

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