Kickstart Your Kubernetes Projects With Amazon EKS-D and KubeOne


Watch the Recording of Our Joint Webinar With AWS

Tired of Kubernetes the hard way? With the recently announced Amazon EKS Distro (EKS-D) and Kubermatic KubeOne, deploying and managing secure and reliable Kubernetes clusters becomes a piece of cake. With EKS-D, you can rely on the same versions of Kubernetes and its dependencies as deployed by Amazon EKS. 

In this session, Michael Hausenblas (AWS) and Mario Fahland (Kubermatic) take a closer look at EKS-D and dive into how to set up your very own cluster running EKS-D with KubeOne – our open source and infrastructure agnostic Kubernetes cluster lifecycle management tool. Also, we have a peek into the future and show how to bring EKS-D to your data centers so you can use the very same tooling on-premises and in the cloud.

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