A practical guide to SIG Release Tooling for Kubernetes Subprojects


Watch Marko Mudrinić's talk at Kubernetes Contributor Summit EU 2024

SIG Release invested many years into creating tooling for publishing different types of artifacts. There are also other supporting tools such as release-notes for generating changelogs, bom for generating SBOMs, and more! All those tools are actively used when publishing Kubernetes releases, but the Kubernetes subprojects are often not aware of tools that SIG Release offers and maintains. In this session, Marko will shed some light on those tools focusing on how you can publish container images, binary artifacts, and system (Debian and RPM) packages. The session will cover the most important processes around the Kubernetes image registry (registry.k8s.io) such as image promotion, what’s OpenBuildService and how you can use it to publish system packages to pkgs.k8s.io, and finally where you can find information and support for all the tools that we offer. This session will provide a great reference for many years for all Kubernetes subprojects on how they can make their release processes more efficient and aligned with the Kubernetes release process.

Speaker: Marko Mudrinić, Software Engineer at Kubermatic

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