Using an Operator With a Well-Known Java Application Server


Watch the Session and Learn How Operators Can Help Automate Daily Operations of Your Infrastructure.

Containerization of a traditional Java EE Application Server such as WebLogic needs a mind-shift of how applications should be developed an how existing environments can be transformed to a managed Kubernetes Docker platform.

To manage a traditional style platform as a WebLogic Application Server requires managing it with “knowledge from the field” and thats why Oracle developed an operator specialized for installing, configuring and operating a WebLogic Server in a Kubernetes Cluster, such as:

  • Simpler WebLogic management in Kubernetes

  • Kubernetes resources are allocated for WebLogic domain(s)

  • Manages overall WebLogic environment through Kubernetes APIs

    • Load Balancer, Network,
    • Ingress Controllers,
    • Security,
    • HA restart, upgrade, scaling
    • Persistent storage
  • Ensurance all best practices are followed

The session will tell you all you need to setup an operator such as these, from a commercial product to what it is now , an OpenSource initiative developed and maintained.

Michel Schildmeijer, Solutions Architect @ Qualogy

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