DevOps Automation with Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform

Automate every step of your software development life cycle from development to production with standardized Kubernetes environments powered by Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform.

Main Use Cases

CI/CD Automation

  • Easily replicate environments from development to production
  • Service accounts for seamless integration and deployment
  • Infrastructure as Code

Frictionless Multi-cloud Self-service

  • Dedicated roles with integrated user management and multi-tenancy
  • Central control with policy management and cluster blueprints
  • Cluster deployment in less than 3 minutes on any infrastructure

Built-in Monitoring, Logging, and Alerting

  • Reduce operational workload with self healing infrastructure
  • Prometheus, EFK, and Grafana out-of-the-box
  • Automated backups and disaster recovery

Technology Solutions

Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform

Designed to automate IT operations from the infrastructure to the application, Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform provides DevOps teams with an intuitive self service portal that works across any infrastructure.

Kubermatic KubeOne

Designed to deploy and operate standalone Kubernetes clusters on any infrastructure, Kubermatic KubeOne manages independent Kubernetes clusters on your edge servers.


Professional Services

Cloud Native Accelerator for Developer

An 11.5 day engagement to get your developers up and running with Kubernetes DevOps. In close cooperation with your team, we develop a first POC application to accelerate the adoption of cloud native technologies.

Kubernetes Accelerator for Operators

An 11.5 day engagement combining training, consultancy and open source cluster lifecycle tooling to empower your team to reliably deploy and operate best-practice Kubernetes in production.

Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform Accelerator

An 11.5 day engagement combining training, consultancy, and a Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform PoC to empower your team to automate Kubernetes multi cluster management.