Minimize to Maximize

Minimize Data Center Energy Consumption to
Maximize Cost Savings and Productivity

Minimize Data Center Wastage
to Maximize Performance

Minimize Data Center Carbon Footprint
to Maximize Sustainable Growth

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Today, data centers account for up to 1.5% of global energy consumption

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By 2030, forecasted global IT consumption will be at 21%

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Automating containerised workflows optimizes compute resources

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Energy consumption has become a boardroom issue. Rising energy prices demand more focus on sustainability and green IT, particularly in the data center.

Half of the energy consumed in a data center is wasted by compute hardware that spends 88% of its time idling. This risks increasing exponentially as organizations embrace the power of cloud native technologies. This level of wastage can’t continue when the cost of the fuel crisis to businesses and communities is so high. Neither can we afford the risk of downtime due to potential blackouts or power outages.

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Through the power of automation, Kubermatic enables the optimization of data centers. It means you’ll only run servers when they’re needed and turn them off when they’re idle. Make smarter decisions, such as performing your daily payment processing at night when energy is cheaper, or using resources when they’re available, like solar power in the daytime. This can save up to 33% on your data center’s energy consumption and associated costs.

Kubermatic enables you to minimize waste and energy consumption in your data center to maximize cost savings and performance.

Kubermatic enables you to:

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Only run workloads when they’re needed

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Automatically scale down when resources are idling

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Maximize cost savings and achieve zero downtime

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