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Digitalization Brings Challenges

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Increasing User Demand

Business systems are becoming increasingly complex with users demanding high levels of performance, rapid responsiveness, and zero unplanned downtime.

Slow and Error Prone

Performance problems, recurring errors, and the inability to move fast are no longer acceptable.

Endless Pursuit

Organizations need to scale operations, reduce downtime in production and deliver a competitive advantage to ensure customer satisfaction.

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Do It AllWith Kubermatic

Run chemical factories on production edge

Deliver IoT development and production platform

On-board 100+ projects without additional manpower

E-Commerce and Manufacturing Roll outs

Run Kubernetes as a Managed Service

Accelerate Your Cloud Native Journey

The Next Generation Platform

Automate operations of thousands of Kubernetes clusters across multi-cloud, on-prem, and edge environments with unparalleled density and resilience.

6000+ User clusters from one master cluster

85% Less management time needed

20x More efficient use of your resources

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Find the Best Match for You

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Enterprise Edition

Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform

Manage large, complex applications across multiple regions with diverse teams. Experience complete control over risk and policy management while also reducing consumption costs at an exponential pace.

Open Source


Community Edition

Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform

Expand within a single region with select applications. Save consumption and improve collaboration processes and workflows with self-service and a built in enterprise app store.

Open Source


Open Source

Kubermatic KubeOne

Get started with Kubernetes in a single region. Introduce effective solutions for development and automation that go beyond the standard cloud offering capabilities.

Consulting Practice

Kubermatic has a reputation for being able to handle highly complex projects with skill and expertise. Consequently, some of the world's most renowned and respected organizations trust us. Our clients, both large and small, rely on us to deliver projects on time and on budget.

Technology companionship

We work closely with our clients to understand their technology needs and to ensure that the solutions we provide are tailored to their specific requirements.

Deep integration with client teams

Close work with our clients' teams ensures that we are fully integrated with their operations, and that we deliver solutions that align with their goals.

Implementation of a carefully crafted strategy

After developing a comprehensive project strategy with our clients, we ensure that the strategy is implemented effectively.

Elevate your projects with Germany’s No. 1 Cloud Native Company

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Modernize IT Infrastructure by Combining Automation and Kubernetes

In today's fast-paced and constantly evolving landscape, organizations are continuously seeking ways to scale operations and meet the demands of their audience. Kubernetes provides a powerful solution to many of the challenges that come with scaling IT infrastructure. But it also introduces its own set of operational complexities that can be overwhelming to navigate without the right partner.

Our customers turn to Kubermatic for our ability to drive business outcomes through automation. Our solutions help streamline and optimize operations, allowing organizations to focus on their core goals and objectives.


Automate and benefit

Increase efficiency by leveraging automation across the kubernetes lifecycle, including Day 2 operations

Minimize to Maximize

Reduce costs

Maximize return on investment by best in class cloud resource optimization. Minimize downtime by automated maintenance requiring limited manual supervision

Unlimited Scale

Stay flexible

Experience unparalleled scalability enabling organizations to easily and seamlessly expand operations on demand

Leading Companies Trust Kubermatic