Edge Computing with Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform

Automate operations of thousands of Kubernetes clusters across your chosen edge locations. Kubermatic’s Edge Computing Solutions provide you with standardized cluster installations, full lifecycle management, and business critical support.

Why Edge Computing Requires Cloud Native Thinking Today

Standardization & Automation

Master scale and complexity with a consistent infrastructure based on the declarative Kubernetes API to eliminate snowflake instances

Immutable Infrastructure

Dynamic provisioning for a global data experience that reduces security risks with zero-touch environments

Centralized Management

Scale out across numerous locations while maintaining governance and control over your infrastructure even in remote locations with spotty connections


Main Use Cases

Air Gapped Clusters

  • Full lifecycle management without an internet connection
  • Run Kubernetes with complete security and isolation
  • Cloud native experience outside the cloud

Kubermatic on Bare Metal

  • Manage servers like cloud machines
  • Run virtual machines on your servers with KubeVirt
  • Full stack reference architectures available

Centralized Cloud Management with Edge Deployment

  • Operate thousands of clusters with ease
  • Manage provisioning and lifecycle management from one centralized location
  • Flexibly deploy to different locations and use cases

Technology Solutions

Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform for the Edge

Designed to automate IT operations from the infrastructure to the application, Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform easily operates thousands of Kubernetes clusters across your chosen edge environments.

Kubermatic KubeOne for the Edge

Designed to deploy and operate standalone Kubernetes clusters on any infrastructure, Kubermatic KubeOne manages independent Kubernetes clusters on your edge servers.


Professional Services

Kubermatic Edge Computing Accelerator

A four week engagement combining training, consultancy, and open source tooling to implement Kubernetes operations across distributed remote environments.

Kubermatic Virtualization Accelerator Powered by KubeVirt

A two week engagement demonstrating how to run containers and virtual machines side by side using KubeVirt and Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform.

Kubernetes Operator Engineering Accelerator

Designed for teams confronted with the challenge of automating cloud native applications with an own Kubernetes Operator.