Build, Run and Monitor in Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform


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Reduce Complexity With Hybrid-cloud Abstraction

Abstract dependencies from the user using preset environments. Multi-cluster logging, monitoring and consumption metering–all in one place.


Improve Efficiency With Multi-tenancy

Separate cloud providers and preset environments by organizational units and reduce consumption through multi-tenant architecture. Leverage datacenter separation to decide where to store your data.


Simplify Identity Management

Authenticate any application via automated requests using service accounts. Automatically sync SSH keys for access.


Security That Meets Enterprise Standards

Choose a multi-cluster separation approach to avoid the security pitfalls of namespace segregation.


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Easily Monitor Multi-cluster Infrastructure

Enjoy a fully fledged monitoring, logging and alerting solution. The KKP monitoring stack includes Prometheus, Grafana, Thanos, Minio, Loki, and Cortex.


Access Your Existing Kubernetes Clusters

Simply import and manage the lifecycle of AKS, EKS, and GKE Clusters through the KKP dashboard instead of flipping between multiple dashboards.


Flexible Governance and Policy Enforcement

Centrally manage policy enforcement with automatic updates to all clusters using OPA Gatekeeper–for all layers of the technology stack.


Extend Functionality With Default AddOn Controller

Easily add any additional software configuration or policy to clusters.


Centralized Policy Management via Cluster Blueprints

Provide guardrails to keep developers within company policy, while making it easy to roll out pre-configured environments.


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Choose Your Own Infrastructure Stack

KKP provides native support for all cloud, on-premise and edge environments. Easily integrate a new provider within minutes and switch between clouds and on-premises quickly with one common default layer.


Enjoy Single Sign-On (SSO)

Integrate KKP into your existing authentication provider and centrally authorize users to manage Kubernetes clusters amongst all your DevOps tools already in use.


Automate Entire Cluster Lifecycle

Provision, scale, update, and clean up clusters with a single API call. Automatically scale control plane components.


Flexible CNI

Choose between Canal and Cilium as the default CNI or bring your own.


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Enhance Business Continuity

With centralized multi-cluster and multi-cloud backup handling, KKP users can configure multiple backup destinations for greater resilience.


Self Service Portal with 360° Overview

Centrally manage clusters with one intuitive interface and deliver Kubernetes-as-a-Service to end users.


Run 100% Conformant Kubernetes

We support the latest Kubernetes release within 4-6 weeks.


Lowest TCO in the Market

By leveraging KKP, our customers have had a minimum of 43% savings for Year 1.