Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform

Quickly achieve cloud native transformation without the burden of infrastructure management

All you need to know about the Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform

KKP provides advanced features to help you operationalize your cloud resources at scale in the most cost-efficient way possible

  • Operate and monitor clusters with an intuitive user interface
  • Quickly identify and resolve issues with powerful troubleshooting tools
  • Keep data safe & secure with secure and reliable architecture
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Effortless Kubernetes Fleet Management

Multi-cluster management in kubernetes enables segregating applications with different life cycles while deploying similar ones together.


Enterprise Grade Security Management

Empower development teams to test new cloud native solutions without any risk of security breaches.

  • Provision new kubernetes clusters without public internet
  • Keep sensitive company information completely off of internet
  • Enhanced visibility and faster troubleshooting with Web Terminal

Deploy kubernetes clusters on any infrastructure in less then 3 mins with KKP!

Unified Cloud Resource Optimization

Maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness of resources used in cloud environments without compromising on application performance.

Limit the resources consumed by cloud providers within every project

Dynamically monitor the number of resources being used

Set default resource quotas

Vanilla Kubernetes

  • 100% kubernetes compliant
  • Kubernetes version compliance within 4-6 weeks

Multi-tenant Architecture

  • Separate cloud providers and preset environments by organizational units
  • Datacenter separation – decide where the data is stored
  • Multi-cluster separation lowers effort for in-cluster policy enforcement

Identity and Access Management

  • Streamline authentication and access control, user and team management, enterprise security and operational observability
  • Deploy securely provisioned clusters with blueprints and presets to keep developers within company policies

Automated kubernetes lifecycle management

  • Provision, scale, update, and clean up of clusters with just an API call
  • Automatic roll out and roll back of upgrades
  • Templatized workflows for repetitive tasks

Backup & Recovery

  • Centralized multi-cluster and multi-cloud backup handling- select from daily, weekly, monthly or customized as backup options
  • Customizable backup locations - Multiple backup destinations from the UI Admin Panel

Free choice of infrastructure stack

  • Native support of AWS, Azure, GCP, DigitalOcean, Alibaba Cloud, OpenStack, VMware, bare metal, and more
  • Fast switching between clouds / on-prem by using one common default layer

Multi-cloud abstraction layer

  • Abstract cloud dependencies from the cluster consumer using preset environments
  • Centralized multi-cluster Logging, Monitoring, and Consumption Metering

Kubernetes Application Management

  • Deploy any third-party application on a user cluster, with a few clicks
  • After installation, applications can be reconciled to ensure reliability

Self-service portal

  • Deliver Kubernetes-as-a-Service to end users
  • Powerful & intuitive dashboard to visualize Kubernetes deployment

Open Policy Agent (OPA) with Gatekeeper

  • Kubermatic OPA implementation offers experienced users complete control over OPA customization
  • Constraint Templates are available for less experienced users to easily implement OPA

CNI: Choose or Bring your Own

  • map[Users can choose between the two most popular CNIs:Canal and Cilium]
  • Additionally, users can simply add and manage a CNI of their choice

Single Platform to Manage Virtual Machines on Bare-Metal

  • Eliminate the need to run dedicated platforms to manage virtual machines on-premise
  • Provision multiple kubernetes clusters on VMs on-premise with KubeVirt Cloud provider

Complete Control Over Hybrid & Edge Deployments

  • Operating System Manager (OSM) is responsible for creating and managing the required configurations for worker nodes in a Kubernetes cluster.

Dual Stack Support

  • Kubernetes resources can have both an IPv4 and IPv6 address.

Kubernetes Monitoring Tools

  • Monitor health and resource consumption with built-in Prometheus and Grafana.

Full Lifecycle Management

  • Upgrade your control plane and nodes without disruption and roll back as you need.

Integrated AddOn Controller

  • Easily add any additional software, configuration, or policy into clusters.

Whitelabel with KKP

  • Customize Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform to your brand and needs.
If it works with kubernetes, it works with KKP!

Why Use KKP?

Tackle your cloud native concerns with confidence


Outstanding performance to price benefits

With our flexible and consumption based subscription model, you only pay for the capacity you need.

Now don’t just imagine but experience higher density, optimized cloud resource utilization and eliminate unplanned downtime.


Enjoy increased productivity despite scale

Enjoy the benefits of automated deployment & full lifecycle management of thousands of Kubernetes clusters.

KKP equips development teams with an intuitive self service portal to provision and deploy the environment they need in a matter of minutes.


Avoid vendor lock-in

KKP provides the best Kubernetes experience without any strings attached.

Freely build and re-adapt your preferred infrastructure stack as circumstances change.


Experience faster time to market

KKP is compatible with any tool that supports Kubernetes. This means you can keep your existing setup and still enjoy the benefits of the latest cloud native solutions.

With automated deployment and management, your DevOps process runs faster than ever, thus speeding up release cycles.


Improved reliability & security

Leverage our enterprise grade security & governance to consistently deploy securely provisioned clusters.

KKP streamlines authentication and access control, user & team management, enterprise security, operational observability, and many other functionalities under one intuitive UI.


Leverage high scalability

KKP provides for complex deployment scenarios across any infrastructure, including edge.

KKP packs up to 20 times more clusters on the same management plane, but needs only 1FTE to actually run unrivaled component density for maximum scale.

How Enterprises Use KKP

Unify Developer Experience

  • Establish one harmonized infrastructure for all developer innovation
  • Speed up DevOps
  • Speed up release cycles

Simplify Resource Management

  • Manage your entire global infrastructure with 1 FTE
  • Increase developer productivity by reducing dependency on operations
  • Unleash massive scale

Enforce Compliance

  • Provide guard rails to keep developers within company policy
  • Centrally manage policy enforcement
  • Rapidly implement new features

Increase Connectivity

  • Easily integrate your existing landscape & workflows
  • Choose best in class provider for each individual task
  • Avoid vendor lock-in

Enrich Tooling

  • Access the best cloud native technologies
  • Test several tools & switch between them if needed
  • Bring your own tools-if desired