Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform

Quickly achieve cloud native transformation without the burden of infrastructure management

Powered by Automation, Prepared for Future

Enterprise Kubernetes Management Platform designed to seamlessly manage kubernetes clusters across hybrid & multi-cloud, on-premise and edge environments.

Faster time to market

Eliminate unplanned downtime

Decrease maintenance overhead

KKP dashboard projects KKP dashboard clusters

Fast track business growth with Kubernetes for edge

Accelerate maintenance & shrink operational costs

  • Master massive data handling and local processing
  • Enjoy lightning quick response times

Banish Bad Quality

  • Enable instant anomaly detection and rapid corrective actions
  • Eliminate delays of cloud based analysis

Revel in unmatched security & interoperability

  • Seamlessly scale and adapt to changing demands
  • Process data on-premise, reduce exposure to potential threats



  • Multi-cluster kubernetes logging, monitoring & consumption metering in one place
  • Reduced resource consumption through multi-tenant architecture
  • Simplified identity management
  • Multi cluster separation to avoid the security pitfalls


  • Integrate new provider within minutes and switch between clouds and on-premise
  • Eliminate unplanned downtime
  • Provision, scale, update, and clean up clusters with a single API call
  • Choose between the 2 best default CNI or bring your own


  • Single monitoring, logging and alerting stack for your kubernetes deployment
  • Import and manage the lifecycle of AKS, EKS, and GKE kubernetes clusters into KKP dashboard
  • Central policy management with automatic updates to all clusters with OPA Gatekeeper
  • Add any additional software configuration or policy to clusters


  • Centralized multi-cluster and multi-cloud backup handling
  • Configure multiple backup destinations for greater resilience
  • Deliver Kubernetes-as-a-Service to end users
  • Get the latest Kubernetes release support within 4-6 weeks

Our customers have achieved a minimum savings of 43% in the first year by using KKP

The Best Kubernetes Management Platform for Enterprises

Kubernetes Multi-Cloud & Hybrid Cloud Management

KKP is specifically designed and built for resilience with 20+ public cloud providers. Enjoy the benefits of public cloud offerings without the necessity to get locked in with a single vendor. With KKP, you can decide to work with the latest cloud native solutions.


Kubernetes On Edge

KKP is designed to manage edge computing constraints and scalability. Edge computing often has resource limitations, like reduced bandwidth or processing power. KKP dynamically scales with your needs so you can start small and grow. Experience this without any unplanned downtime or data loss.


Kubernetes On Premise

KKP handles hyper-converged, kubernetes on bare metal, as well as any type of virtualization. It comes with unrivaled adaptability, resilience, and pricing. Now you can automate operations of thousands of kubernetes clusters across your chosen edge locations.