Hybrid and Multi-cloud Kubernetes

Automate operations of hundereds of Kubernetes clusters across any hybrid or multi-cloud environment. Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform provides you with standardized cluster installations, centralized compliance, full life cycle management and business critical support.

Why Hybrid and Multi-cloud Require Kubernetes Multi Cluster Management

Standardization and Automation

Master scale and complexity with a consistent infrastructure based on the declarative Kubernetes API to eliminate snowflake instances

Immutable Infrastructure and Clusters

Dynamic provisioning for a global data experience that reduces security risks with zero-touch environments

Reduce Tooling and Compliance Overhead

Scale out across providers with one consistent set of tooling rather than running a separate stack and compliance program for each


Main Use Cases


  • Self service portal with integrated user management and multi-tenancy
  • Eliminate tickets with fully automated cluster life cycle management
  • Works across any infrastructure provider

Single Pane of Glass

  • Manage servers like cloud machines
  • Run virtual machines on your servers with KubeVirt
  • Full stack reference architectures available

Centralized Cloud Management with Edge Deployment

  • Operate thousands of clusters with ease
  • Manage provisioning and life cycle management from one centralized location
  • Flexibly deploy to different locations and use cases

Technology Solutions

Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform

Designed to automate IT operations from the infrastructure to the application, Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform easily operates thousands of Kubernetes clusters across multiple infrastructure providers.


Professional Services

Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform Accelerator

An 11.5 day engagement combining training, consultancy, and a Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform PoC to empower your team to automate Kubernetes multi cluster management.

Kubernetes Accelerator for Operators

An 11.5 day engagement combining training, consultancy and open source cluster lifecycle tooling to empower your team to reliably deploy and operate best-practice Kubernetes in production.

Application Migration Accelerator

An 11.5 day engagement to speed up large-scale migration of applications on Kubernetes clusters, removing the need to maintain outdated legacy application infrastructure.