Kubermatic KubeOne for the Cloud

Pilot your Kubernetes project with our open source cluster lifecycle management tool by easily deploying your upstream HA Kubernetes cluster in minutes in the cloud on your chosen provider.

How Kubermatic KubeOne Covers All Your Cloud Needs

KubeOne is a powerful, easy-to use tool for managing Kubernetes clusters on any provider. It automates the entire lifecycle of your infrastructure including installing, provisioning and upgrading with just one click! With KubeOne’s native support across multiple platforms like AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean, GCP, Hetzner Cloud, etc. you can be confident that this will work seamlessly in even more environments than before.

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KubeOne is a cluster lifecycle management tool for deploying and operating Kubernetes clusters on AWS cloud. KubeOne makes it easy to manage your Kubernetes clusters with deep integration and independence on AWS. With advanced options like AWS spot instances support, you achieve the best possible cost efficiency for your clusters in production. KubeOne is a full-stack solution that includes all of the components you need to deploy highly available clusters – from installation of kubeadm through monitoring, alerting and logging tools - so you don’t have to worry about anything except getting things done!

Have you ever wanted to deploy a highly available cluster on Azure? KubeOne is the solution for you. KubeOne is a full-stack software solution that was developed with Microsoft Azure in mind. Designed from the ground up it works perfectly alongside all of Azure`s products and services, so that you can create an environment in which all of your applications will run smoothly and efficiently. KubeOne offers features like remote management, monitoring and troubleshooting to ensure that your deployment is seamless. Because it doesn’t lock customers into proprietary solutions, KubeOne is perfect for global enterprises that want to leverage the flexibility of cloud computing without sacrificing their existing investment in both hardware and software.

KubeOne is an open source solution for deploying highly available clusters on the Google Cloud Platform. The KubeOne cluster lifecycle management tool supports existing environments and upgrades them to cloud native. With KubeOne you can spin up a cluster in minutes, scale it up or down as needed, and replace your legacy infrastructure with one that scales cost effectively while retaining its performance. The combination of KubeOne’s ease of use and integration with Google Cloud Platform provides consistency between public and private clouds, enabling businesses to modernize their infrastructure while developers build faster, regardless of the underlying environment.

KubeOne is your best bet for deploying highly available Kubernetes clusters on Open Telekom Cloud (OTC). KubeOne is an easy-to-use CLI tool that leverages existing environments, so you can get started quickly. It also takes care of upgrades, making the transition to cloud native simple. The integration with OTC is very deep, with proven use cases that demonstrate a reduction in complexity by an incredible 20 times. This helps you deliver the best possible service to your customers while cutting costs in half or more!

KubeOne is an easy-to-use, full-stack solution for deploying highly available clusters on Alibaba Cloud. It’s open source, so it’s free to download and use. KubeOne takes advantage of the flexibility of the Alibaba Cloud platform to provide a cost effective way to deploy mission critical applications with high availability and service level agreements (SLAs). Deploying your clusters via KubeOne helps you mitigate risk, save time and money, and focus on what matters most – running your business!

KubeOne is a cluster lifecycle management tool for deploying highly available clusters on Hetzner Cloud. KubeOne delivers highly available clusters for production and makes it easy to upgrade your current environment to a high performance cloud native environment with minimal downtime. KubeOne and the Hetzner Cloud is the perfect combination, with an unbeatable price / performance ratio - optimized for scaling. You can use KubeOne to deploy large scale systems like Elasticsearch, Kafka or Cassandra on our cloud infrastructure. Or you can use it as an individual application host on the Hetzner Cloud with custom settings. There are many deployment options to suit any need!

KubeOne is an open source CLI tool for deploying highly available clusters on Digital Ocean. With the KubeOne API and developer tools, you deploy container-based applications to production environments with minimal downtime. The intuitive API makes it easy for developers to build web apps or API backends on a robust infrastructure. KubeOne also provides CI/CD add-ons that speed up development and make it simpler than ever to learn the basics of cloud computing. With KubeOne, we deliver a software solution that makes sure your clusters are always online and able to handle traffic spikes, without any downtime due to upgrades or maintenance windows.

KubeOne is the easiest way to deploy highly available clusters on Equinix Metal. KubeOne is a full-stack open source solution for deploying containers at scale and comes with an out-of-the-box integration with Equinix Metal. With KubeOne, you can effortlessly manage your workloads across multiple locations, while taking advantage of the unmatched global reach and connectivity ecosystem made possible by Equinix Metal.