5G on Kubernetes with Kubermatic

Run 5G from the cloud to the core data center to the edge on Kubernetes. Automate operations of thousands of Kubernetes clusters across any environment with centralized control.


Main Use Cases

Kubernetes for 5G Core

  • Flexible core to edge cloud implementations
  • Rapidly deploy clusters and services in minutes
  • Elastically scalable capacity for on-demand requirements

Cloud Native Network Functions (CNF)

  • Manage network functions running in containers
  • Improve network throughput with next generation deployments
  • Scale out capacity to meet peak demands

Centralized Kubernetes Management for Edge Deployment

  • Operate thousands of clusters in the central office or for RAN
  • Manage provisioning and lifecycle management from one centralized control plane
  • Flexibly deploy to different locations and use cases

Technology Solutions

Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform for 5G

Designed to automate IT operations from the infrastructure to the application, Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform easily operates thousands of Kubernetes clusters with consistency from the cloud to the core datacenter to the edge.

Kubermatic KubeOne for 5G

Designed to deploy and operate standalone Kubernetes clusters, Kubermatic KubeOne automates the lifecycle management of single clusters deployed on the edge.


Professional Services

Kubermatic Edge Computing Accelerator

A 20.5 day engagement combining training, consultancy, and open source tooling to implement Kubernetes operations across hundreds or thousands of distributed remote environments.

Kubermatic Virtualization Accelerator Powered by KubeVirt

An 11.5 day engagement demonstrating how to run containers and virtual machines side by side on the same Kubernetes infrastructure using KubeVirt and Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform.

Kubernetes Operator Engineering Accelerator

Designed for teams confronted with the challenge of automating cloud native applications with an own Kubernetes Operator. In an 11.5 day engagement, we develop a first POC operator to speed up automization of Kubernetes operations.