Why Kubermatic?

With Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform, Kubermatic provides a complete software solution for teams running containerized workloads across hybrid-cloud, multi-cloud, and edge environments.

What Is Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform?

Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform (KKP) is a Kubernetes management platform designed for the needs of enterprise customers. It addresses the operational challenges of managing Kubernetes at scale while enabling DevOps teams with a self-service developer and operations portal. Unlike other platforms, Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform is truly infrastructure-agnostic and vendor-neutral.

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How Is Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform Different?

KKP vs. PaaS

Often, PaaS comes with an opinionated lifecycle approach and limited provider choice, which restricts your flexibility on preferred tooling and infrastructure. Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform works for any environment and provides you with fully customizable upstream Kubernetes, so you can:

  • Freely choose your preferred infrastructure set-up (on-prem, hybrid cloud, multi-cloud)
  • Use any tool that supports Kubernetes as well as any Kubernetes extension, plugin, or integration
  • Easily integrate your existing landscape and workflows
  • Embrace new open source technologies as you like
KKP vs PaaS

KKP vs. Public Cloud Provider

Managed services from cloud providers limit your flexibility and ability to deploy and manage containerized workloads across different infrastructures from one single pane of glass. With Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform, you can:

  • Avoid vendor lock-in and choose the best-in-class provider for each individual task
  • Benefit from optimized pricing and migrate workloads as requirements change
  • Use the same tooling and workflows everywhere from one central interface
KKP vs Public cloud

KKP vs. Other Commercial Platforms

Thanks to Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform’s unique Kubernetes-in-Kubernetes architecture, teams benefit from unparalleled resilience while minimizing their footprint and infrastructure cost. With KKP, you opt for:

  • A truly independent and infrastructure-agnostic platform
  • Competitive pricing with consumption-based subscription
  • Strong community advocacy and rapid implementation of feature requests
KKP vs Commercial Platforms

Most developers do not care a lot about IT infrastructure. They want their environments to be up and running without waiting for their tickets. KKP delivers an intuitive Kubernetes self-service portal so development teams can easily build and deploy their services everywhere while operators keep isolation and control.

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Automated Multi-cloud Operations

Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform automates the deployment and full lifecycle management of hundreds of Kubernetes clusters. Leverage API enabled automation to eliminate manual intervention and repetitive tasks.

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Enterprise-grade Security and Governance

Control access and user rights with built-in Multi-tenancy, role-based access control (RBAC), and cluster authorization and authentication. Consistently deploy securely provisioned clusters with blueprints and presets to keep developers within your company policies.

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One Single Pane of Glass

KKP centralizes your infrastructure management across clusters, clouds, and regions. It also streamlines authentication and access control, user and team management, enterprise security, operational observability, and many other functionalities in one intuitive UI.

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Run VMs and Containers Side by Side

Reduce complexity and leverage Kubernetes to manage your Virtual Machines in a cloud native way. Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform provides native support for KubeVirt so you can operate containerized and legacy workloads from one interface without the need to re-write first.

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Speed-up DevOps

KKP supports all Kubernetes conformant tooling to empower your DevOps team to work with the open-source stack they love. Leverage best-in-class ecosystem tooling with native support for Prometheus, Grafana, and Loki for Monitoring and real-time Logging, and the ability to integrate your preferred CI/CD system to deploy Kubernetes clusters directly from it via Service Accounts. Alternatively, your team can use a pre-defined Terraform provider or Ansible playbooks.

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Hybrid and Multi-cloud Support

We want to give you the best Kubernetes experience without strings attached. Freely build and re-adapt your preferred infrastructure stack as circumstances change. KKP supports all major cloud providers, including AWS, GCP, Azure, as well as on-prem, bare-metal, and edge environments.

Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform provides you with simple self-service Kubernetes so you can easily build and deploy your containerized services everywhere.

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Freely Choose Your Preferred Tooling

KKP is compatible with any tool that supports Kubernetes. This allows you to easily integrate your current landscape as well as incorporate more best-in-class ecosystem tooling. Benefit from the freedom of choice over the entire cloud native landscape and at every stage of your development process.

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Attract Developer Talent

The best developers strive to work with the best tech stack. Adopting popular cloud native and open source technologies like Kubernetes help you win and retain the best talent. And ultimately, the talent of your team defines the quality of your future products and services.

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Self-service Kubernetes

With KKP’s powerful self-service portal, you can easily provision and deploy your environment without waiting for Ops. Thanks to enterprise-grade governance and policies, they keep control while you enjoy the freedom.

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Speed up Release Cycles

With automated deployment and management across any infrastructure, you streamline your DevOps processes and practices. This enables you to focus on your code and applications, rapidly bringing new releases into production.

Cloud native technologies such as containers and Kubernetes deliver the scalability, resilience, and automation organizations need to successfully master digital transformation. Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform removes the complexity of deploying and managing Kubernetes at scale by providing an enterprise-grade management platform that works for any infrastructure. With KKP, your teams are able to embrace cloud native technologies and bring better products to market faster and at a lower cost.

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DevOps Transformation

DevOps is all about processes, tooling, and automation. KKP supports all Kubernetes conformant DevOps tooling, so operators and developers can sync their workflows and collaborate more closely. By automating the maintenance of cloud native infrastructure, DevOps teams are able to focus on innovation, not keeping things up and running.

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Kubernetes ROI

Containerized applications and Kubernetes bring about higher density, optimized capacity utilization, and less downtime. This yields considerable savings in infrastructure and operations cost for any organization. With our flexible and consumption-based subscription model, you only pay the capacity you actually need.

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Increase Developer Productivity & Innovation

KKP equips developers with an intuitive self-service portal to provision and deploy the environment they need without waiting for operations. This increases developer productivity and speeds up development cycles while at the same time helping organizations attract the best talent in the market.

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Empower Future Business Models

Thanks to their scalability, cloud native technologies are a catalyst for 5G, Big Data, AI, and ML use cases. Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform provides for complex deployment scenarios across any infrastructure, including the edge. This makes KKP the ideal solution for enterprises exploring new business models based on these powerful technologies.

Why Teams Love Working With Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform

One of the Best Kubernetes Management Tools

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KKP has been helping my team and me to complete most of our working within deadlines and focus more on serving customers.

Imoh E., Cloud Engineer
Imoh E., Cloud Engineer

Great Management Interface

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I love the management interface, it's very intuitive and very easy to use.

Jim O., Cloud Engineer
Jim O., Cloud Engineer

Great Product for Rookies

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The ease of use for rookies entering K8s. Given the magic of K8s albeit the complexity, KKP simplifies the K8s management.

Akshay P., Data Engineer
Akshay P., Data Engineer

Very Easy to Use

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KKP makes my workflow with Kubernetes containers so easy and handles the application in multi-cloud environments with ease.

Abhinavan R., Software Developer
Abhinavan R., Software Developer

Best Access Control by Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform

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It has helped us switch over digital operation by fully automating our cloud operations. DevOps team are centrally managing all VMs, also they look over our workloads like hybrid clouds and multi-cloud.

Yatharth G., VP
Yatharth G., VP

Technology & Ecosystem Integrations

Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform (KKP) provides the best options in open source cloud native tooling so your infrastructure can support your business scale as fast as you desire.

Operating System


Networking & Observability


Identity Management

Active Directory



External Cluster Management


Monitoring & Logging


SRE Workflow


IaaS Operator

Google Cloud
VMware vSphere
Open Telekom Cloud
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Alibaba Cloud
Equinix Metal