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How We Work

Here at Kubermatic, we want to build a culture that inspires and supports our employees as they further their careers. If you’re looking for an environment where your input is valued every day and where you can help IT teams worldwide achieve power through automation, then this is the place to be!

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What Is Kubermatic?

At Kubermatic, we empower organizations worldwide to fully automate their Kubernetes and cloud native operations across multi-cloud, edge and on-prem. As a core contributor to the Kubernetes project, we develop software solutions and provide professional services to safely navigate the cloud native transformation.

They say you enjoy what you do well; our customer success stories are the proof of our commitment to them and everyone at Kubermatic that contributes to our achievements every day. We are a dynamic front runner in our industry today, with leading enterprises like Lufthansa, Bosch, Siemens, and T-Systems trusting in us with their cloud native journey.

What It’s Like to Work at Kubermatic

We could say a lot here, but let’s listen to those who know best – our employees:)

New challenges on a daily basis, the freedom to choose your own areas of speciality and development, flexible working hours and being involved and engaged in Kubernetes are but a few of the reasons why working for Kubermatic is great.

Christoph M.

Christoph M.

Kubermatic gives its employees the opportunity to grow and develop. What I cherish most is the very trusting and appreciative relationship with each other – not only with other team members but also with our direct supervisors. Each employee is seen as a specialist in his or her field, and each employee’s contribution is important to the company. We know that we can rely on each other and that everyone gives their best to move the company forward.

Stefanie D.

Stefanie D.

Kubermatic offers me a lot of freedom with respect to tooling and time management and working from home allows me to play an important role in my kids’ lives. I like the nerdiness of the company and working with smart people around the world, on the tech topics I care about.

Hubert S.
Professional Services

Hubert S.

I love working at Kubermatic because everyone has a real impact on our ship’s course. People achieve results in teams and as individuals, opinions are valued a lot, messengers aren’t shot and we set things in motion. For these reasons, I consider Kubermatic the employer with the best company culture I‘ve ever been a part of.

Sascha H.

Sascha H.

When I graduated from psychology, I told myself that I wanted to work at a company that respected and trusted their employees. Kubermatic is a place where I can share my ideas without being judged and where I can develop myself both professionally and personally.

Natalia E.

Natalia E.

What We Care About

We truly believe that we can only achieve #powerthroughautomation if we take personal and professional growth as seriously as business growth. That’s why we defined a strong set of core values to help us accomplish our goals together.


We get things

Getting things done to me means taking action and being present. Sometimes it’s tough to focus because of the environment. That happens. But we still love what we do; customers and investors really can tell the difference.

Dirk W. (Finance)

We are

When I think of innovation, I think of small things. Let’s think of a car for example. The first car was terrible. The seats were made of wood, the car was smelly and noisy. But with many, many years of progress and many, many smaller innovations and inventions, we finally got heated seats. That’s innovation. It’s how we work here and it’s very rewarding.

Christoph M. (Development)

We value

When I think of the key qualities our future employees should have, one of them is to encourage and augment the differences that we all bring to the table. For me it’s crucial that we listen to the input from all of our dev team members and that we don’t try to enforce or control something and rather embrace, incorporate and move forward together. It’s a huge pleasure for me to work with people from so many different countries and learn about various cultures, perspectives and the richness of this diversity.

Sascha H. (Product)

We are

We know that we have great, cool products and we know that the customers have a real need. As Inside Sales, we act with self-confidence and a positive attitude. And even though we have to take setbacks, we always think positive and stay on the ball, we motivate ourselves and improve together as a team. Because that’s how we bring in customers and achieve outstanding results.

Michael N. (Sales)

We treat our
customers like partners

If as a company we want long term, sustainable and personal relationships, then we absolutely need to regard our customers as partners. Why? Well, partnerships are made up of many important elements, but there are two key ones: Trust and empathy. We trust in our partners to make the right decisions, not for an individual but for what’s in the best interest for both and empathy enables us to always keep their needs in mind.

Werner C. (Professional Services)

We are

Having pizza and beer together with other cloud native enthusiasts is fun. But the more important part of being community-driven is to share experiences and discuss different approaches. It’s beneficial for both the community and our company. Living the open source approach, we strongly believe that we can solve problems better together and develop more innovative solutions as a result.

Caro K. (Marketing)
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Where We Work

Working from home, at the beach, in the mountains, at our office in the beautiful city of Hamburg or hybrid – it’s your choice!

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We love being a globally distributed team – what will be the next country to mark?

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How We Support You to Be the Best ‘You’ That You Can Be

We believe that people who do great work should receive the best possible support. We want our employees to feel like they belong and that they are well taken care of. It’s why we do our very best to create an inclusive culture where people can realize and share their passions both at and away from work. We also know that it’s not all about benefits and perks, but they’re important, too.


Come As You Are

We value diversity and individuality over conventionality and perfect CVs.


Remote First

We are looking to grow our remote team worldwide.


Flexible Working Arrangements

Design your career to fit your personal life, not the other way around.


Strong Community Involvement

Contribute to our community conferences, meetups and open source projects.


Hackathons & Onsites

Meet and exchange ideas with your colleagues at our company events.

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Never Stop Learning

We encourage you to go to conferences and meet like-minded people to continuously expand your knowledge.


Flat Hierarchy and Feedback

We work in an open, friendly environment and keep our communication lines accessible, short and efficient.

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Free Yoga Classes

Start your Friday morning with some Vinyasa exercises to harmonize your body and soul and “flow” with your teammates through the day and into the weekend.

Kubermatic Hangouts

We love team & community events – meetups, our own conferences, afterworks, etc. Take a look :)

What Employees Are Saying

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98% of Employees on Glassdoor Recommend Kubermatic