Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform Now Certified by the CNCF

Today, we are excited to announce that the Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform Container Engine, our enterprise-ready multi-cluster platform, has been accepted as one of the first Certified Kubernetes offerings worldwide by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

With the Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform Container Engine, our goal was to empower businesses to easily deploy and manage containerized workloads in the cloud or on-prem by using pure upstream Kubernetes. Certification gives customers certainty that the Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform API functions as specified and guarantees for interoperability and portability to any K8s environment. Moreover, with strong guarantees for regular updates on the latest Kubernetes version, users can be confident they always benefit from the most recent community features.

What is Certified Kubernetes and why does it matter?

With more and more Kubernetes offerings coming to market, the Certified Kubernetes Conformance Program is an important step to professionalizing the Kubernetes ecosystem and accelerating Kubernetes adoption. It was launched by the CNCF to provide a reliable quality indicator for Kubernetes offerings.

The conformance definition and mechanics of the conformance test are specified by two Special Interest Groups of the CNCF End User Technical Advisory Board. All vendors following the conformance definition can run the performance test and submit their results to the CNCF for review. After certification they are allowed to display the Certified Kubernetes logo.

Where to learn more

CNCF Announcement
Kristin Wittig

Kristin Wittig

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