Announcing Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform 2.13

At Kubermatic, we are determined to create a cloud native future where 90% of IT time and money is spent on business innovation, not operations. To provide you with everything you need to automate the management of countless Kubernetes clusters across any infrastructure, we are constantly working on improving Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform. Today, we are thrilled to announce the general availability of Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform 2.13. Here is an overview of the highlights of the release.

Improve User Experience With Enhanced UI Features

  • Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform now incorporates the ability to manage user permissions on cluster resources based on roles via the UI. Roles can be defined within a namespace or cluster-wide.
  • Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform provides a wide selection of default and customizable add-ons to extend the functionality of Kubernetes. With the latest release, all customizable add-ons can be deployed in user clusters on user demand via the UI. Default add-ons are automatically deployed to each user cluster.
  • Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform Dashboard is now even more deeply integrated with the Kubernetes Dashboard. With the 2.13 release, users can open the Kubernetes Dashboard with the click of the Connect button. Moreover, Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform platform administrators can manage access to the Kubernetes Dashboard via Global Settings.

Improve Your Workflows With Dynamic Kubelet Configuration

  • Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform 2.13 introduces the experimental Dynamic Kubelet Configuration feature for chosen Machine Deployments. Dynamic Kubelet Configuration allows live reconfiguration of nodes with non-standard requirements, while leaving your other workloads’ settings intact.

Don’t Compromise On Enterprise Standards

  • With the latest release, Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform provides native support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Linux Enterprise. This empowers enterprise users to accelerate their cloud native journey without compromising on existing enterprise policies or investing in time-consuming upfront modifications of their standards and stack.

Run Kubernetes As You Like

  • Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform 2.13 supports Kubernetes 1.17. To meet the highest security and reliability standards, we always run Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform master components with the Kubernetes version that addresses recently discovered vulnerabilities. To receive our Kubernetes Security Updates, please sign up for our Security Newsletter.

Learn More

For more information on all changes, please take a look at the 2.13 Changelog.

Kristin Wittig

Kristin Wittig

Marketing & Communications