“You’re crazy if you don’t start in the cloud; you’re crazy if you stay on it.” The recent article The Cost of Cloud, a Trillion Dollar Paradox by Andreesen Horowitz sums up the paradox of the cloud quite well: While cloud is cheaper and better early on, it loses a good deal of its cost/benefit ratio as a company evolves and scales, by “locking up hundreds of billions of market cap”. There’s no doubt that cloud has proven itself as the go-to platform to optimize for innovation, agility, and growth. It’s very business critical, however, to consider its long term implications and the broader impact on margins.

So how do we address this dilemma without surrendering to increasing costs or compromising on our digital competitiveness? Unquestionably, implementing a multi-cloud strategy is the most important step to maximize cost savings. The flexibility of using multiple public cloud resources can achieve tremendous cost efficiencies: With multi-cloud environments, businesses can deliver quality products and services with low overhead. Managing those services and their associated applications becomes easier and more cost effective, especially when paired with the right multi-cloud tooling.

At Kubermatic, we are convinced that multi-cloud is not a nice to have; it’s a clear business imperative for all larger organizations. It’s only a viable solution, however, if  managing services across diverse infrastructures is simple and safe. That’s why we are constantly working on just that; solutions to automate every layer of multi-cloud management. Do you need help designing and implementing the right multi-cloud strategy for your company? Our team of cloud native experts will be happy to help you succeed in this endeavour.

Here come our July news and higlights. We hope you enjoy them.


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#1 Demo

Automate operations of hundreds of Kubernetes clusters across any hybrid or multi-cloud environment. Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform (KKP) provides you with standardized cluster installations, centralized compliance, full lifecycle management and business critical support.

Automate Your Clusters Across Multi-Cloud with KKP

#2 Checklist

Kubernetes is very powerful, but the path to its adoption isn’t always easy. To help you determine quickly and easily if you are ready to run Kubernetes in production, we’ve created a very handy and comprehensive checklist. 

The Ultimate Checklist for Running Kubernetes in Production

#3 Webinar Recording

Complex application services consisting of numerous interconnected components can benefit from deployment in multiple Kubernetes clusters. However, this approach has some challenges. In this recording, you’ll see what this type of deployment looks like, with the help of KubeCarrier.

How to Deploy Multi-cluster Services With Operators and KubeCarrier?

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ContainerDays Hybrid 2021

Whether you’re just starting your cloud native journey or already have your initial projects up and running, ContainerDays is the place to be to exchange with other cloud native enthusiasts from around the world. Join us on September 21-23, virtually or in the beautiful city of Hamburg.

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CNCF On-demand Webinar

For a more comprehensive look into the world of managing services and applications on multi-cloud, sign up for our CNCF on-demand webinar How to Manage Thousands of Kubernetes Applications With Minimum Effort Using KubeCarrier hosted by our Software Engineer Jiacheng Xu on August 19 at 12 PM CEST.

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