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Curious to see how the container management market will develop over the next few years? Gartner’s Market Guide for Container Management is forecasting some very remarkable results: The market is expected to grow at an annual rate of 34%, exceeding $1 billion in revenue by 2025.

Proper management of containers is essential when enterprises rely on them to quickly deploy and update applications. From an operational perspective, containers are a key component of the present-day application platform infrastructure for enterprises.

According to Gartner’s survey, the top 2 reasons that make container adoption so popular are Agility (which allows developers to integrate applications with their existing DevOps environment) and a higher level of support of modern application architectures.

Container adoption including automated deployment of containerized applications to operating systems and the public cloud does, however, come with some challenges: Lack of skilled resources, operational complexity and security concerns ranked as the top three in the same survey. That’s why the right container management tool is so crucial: its usefulness is based on its ability to help IT teams easily operate and manage clusters and resources, and deploy containerized workloads at scale.

At Kubermatic, we chose Kubernetes as our container orchestration platform to deliver innovative solutions for automated cloud native operations and to run containerized workloads at scale across different types of environments. The combination of these powerful forces has made Kubermatic the leading specialist for Kubernetes in Europe today. Are you thinking about simplifying the management of your clusters but not sure on how to get started? Join us for our Ask Me Anything About Container Adoption session on Tuesday, August 17 at 5pm (CEST) and I’ll be happy to share our knowledge and experience with you and help you to succeed in this endeavour.

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Edge Computing, Datacenter & Compliance, and Other Platform Enhancements With KKP

The opportunities for container and cloud native technologies as they apply to edge computing use cases are exciting. Container technology is being deployed in edge configurations to push compute and storage resources to the end user. But with hard- and software spread across thousands of locations, managing these distributed systems requires the right tools. Little wonder that advanced edge computing capabilities have a high priority on our Product Roadmap for Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform (KKP). Check out our roadmap for more details and important highlights.

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KKP enables Operations and DevOps teams to centrally manage VMs and containerized workloads across hybrid-cloud, multi-cloud, and edge environments with an intuitive self-service developer and operations portal.

Automate Your Clusters Across Multi-Cloud with KKP

#2 Checklist

Kubernetes is very powerful, but the path to its adoption isn’t always easy. To help you determine quickly and easily if you are ready to run Kubernetes in production, we’ve created a very handy and comprehensive checklist. 

The Ultimate Checklist for Running Kubernetes in Production

 #3 Webinar Series

In our Kubernetes 101 series, we cover the theoretical and technical fundamentals of Kubernetes and cloud native technologies and help you get started with containers and Kubernetes.

Kubernetes 101 Webinar Series

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ContainerDays Hybrid 2021

Whether you’re just starting your container adoption journey or already have your initial projects up and running, ContainerDays is the place to be to exchange ideas & experiences with other cloud native enthusiasts from around the world. Join us September 21-23, virtually or in the beautiful city of Hamburg.

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