Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform Is Now Open Source!

Today is a very special day for Kubermatic, formerly Loodse. With the 2.14 release of Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform, we are excited to announce going all in on open source and making our core software publically available under the Apache 2.0 License. In line with our strong commitment to make Kubernetes as boring as possible, we want to empower IT teams everywhere to automate the management of hundreds or thousands of Kubernetes clusters regardless of the underlying infrastructure.

As founders, we are incredibly proud of our team’s legacy of success in providing software solutions to accelerate enterprise cloud native adoption across hybrid and multi-cloud, edge, and 5G scenarios. In 2019, Loodse was the Top 5 corporate contributor to the Kubernetes Project right after Google, VMware, Red Hat, and Microsoft. With Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform we provide the most scalable and comprehensive Kubernetes management software solution which is widely deployed across a variety of use cases and industries.

This outstanding achievement was only made possible by a team that is deeply convinced that 90% of IT time and money should be invested in writing the next generation of ground-breaking applications, not operations. With the decision to open source Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform, we felt that Kubermatic - Kubernetes Automatic - is actually at the very heart of our company vision: providing enterprise software solutions that fully automate Kubernetes and cloud native technologies without human intervention required. For this reason, Loodse today becomes Kubermatic.

Accelerate Your Cloud Native Journey With Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform

Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform automates deployment and Day2 operations of countless Kubernetes clusters across any infrastructure. It was designed and built to meet enterprise demands at scale to free up valuable resources to drive business innovation while maintaining security and control.

The Open Source Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform features:

  • Self-healing HA Kubernetes in Kubernetes architecture based on Kubernetes CRDs and Operators for simplified management
  • Automated lifecycle management with built in provisioning, scaling, updating, and clean up of clusters with just an API call
  • Multi-tenancy and user management with preset environments for different organizational units
  • Identity and SSH key Management
  • Cluster blueprints, presets, and add-ons for governance and policy enforcement
  • Automated multi-cluster and multi-cloud backup handling with customizable backup locations
  • Infrastructure Logging & Monitoring with built in Prometheus and Grafana
  • Central self service portal across multi-cluster, multi-cloud, and multiple regions to deliver Kubernetes-as-a-Service within short time to market
  • Free choice of infrastructure stack with native support of all major cloud provider including AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure, as well as OpenStack and VMware vSphere environments
  • Central management of containerized and virtualized applications with native integration of KubeVirt
  • Containerized user cluster control plane with automated scaling of control plane components
Scematic Illustration of Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform

Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform is Backed by The Best

“At Packet, we are driven to empower developer-driven companies with physical infrastructure that moves at software speed. The key to turning this promise into reality is a vibrant ecosystem of software that helps our customers orchestrate and manage their workloads at any scale, globally. By open sourcing their Kubernetes Platform, the Kubermatic team is providing the community with a powerful and proven solution that is perfectly suited to the operational challenges of our hybrid multi-cloud world.”

Jacob Smith, Co-founder at packet, now a part of Equinix

“Increasingly, enterprises are building on 100% open source stacks, an approach that Kinvolk has long advocated. We are therefore pleased to see Kubermatic fully open sourcing Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform, and excited to collaborate with them to enable Flatcar Container Linux as the only supported container-optimized base operating system for Kubermatic clusters.”

Andrew Randall, VP Business Development at Kinvolk

“We have partnered with Kubermatic for three years to provide MetaKube, our Multi-cloud Kubernetes as a Service. It was essential we work with a team that understands Kubernetes at both a strategic and deep technical level and as a leading contributor to Kubernetes, Kubermatic has a strong footprint within the cloud native landscape. Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform has enabled us to operate Clusters for dozens of enterprise customers on Azure, AWS and our very own OpenStack cloud infrastructure. Open sourcing Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform is a great move that will help even more teams successfully benefit from cloud native infrastructure for any environment.”

Marc Korthaus, CEO at SysEleven

Our Commitment to Our Customers

While the company name changes, our focus on customers success is stronger than ever. We will continue to be at the forefront of the cloud native transformation and be a reliable partner with ever expanding software platform solutions to support our customers’ automated multi-cloud operations.

This is an exciting journey for us and we look forward to embarking on it together with you.

Sebastian Scheele, CEO and Co-founder

Julian Hansert, COO and Co-founder

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Sebastian Scheele

Sebastian Scheele

Co-founder and CEO