Maximize Control Over Cloud-Native Deployment With KKP 2.22

Press Release

We are excited to announce the release of Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform (KKP) version 2.22 in both Enterprise Edition (EE) and Community Edition (CE). CE is completely open source, while EE boasts powerful features designed to help large organizations get the most out of their Kubernetes clusters in terms of governance, security, and management. 

This release is packed with exciting usability and security enhancements.

“The ultimate aim of these enhancements is to empower KKP users with enhanced visibility and authority over their deployments. With improved control, outstanding outcomes are guaranteed,” said Sebastian Scheele, CEO at Kubermatic. 

Important benefits introduced in KKP 2.22 include:

  • Creating independent control planes by natively accessing KubeOne clusters in KKP: KubeOne clusters are now managed just like any other external provider- that means KKP users can import KubeOne clusters natively. 
  • Maximizing accessibility with Web terminal: Admins can hook into any cluster using the CLI features from a device that only has a browser-they do not need a terminal on it. This is a very secure connection that’s dynamically disabled once the session is complete to eliminate any nefarious activities.
  • Run kubernetes clusters on-premise with KubeVirt Cloud Provider : With this release, KubeVirt Cloud Provider is GA on KKP! KubeVirt Cloud Provider is KubeVirt combined with Kubermatic. It eliminates the need for running dedicated platforms to manage virtual machines on-premise and allows the automatic deployment of Kubernetes clusters on them.
  • Managing resources and costs with QuotaFlow: Possibility to set default project resource quotas- this is used if no quota is set explicitly. Users can also view dynamic/live quota gauges: this view presents resource quota forecasts based on adding/editing/removing compute resources. 

With this release, KKP users can expect several usability and security improvements, such as a simplified process for MLA stack installation, customizable cluster templates, and enhanced security measures. 

This release also introduces support for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, Kubernetes 1.25 & 1.26. The Operating System Manager (OSM) introduced in KKP 2.21 and MachineController also support Kubernetes 1.25 & 1.26. For more information, make sure you read our release blog.

Both CE and EE versions are available for download as of 28 February 2023.

KubeOne 1.6 is also available for download as of 28 February 2023. KubeOne is completely open source.

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