Meet KubeOne 1.5 - Now More Adaptable than Ever!

Today, we are pleased to announce that KubeOne 1.5 is now generally available. KubeOne is our open source cluster lifecycle management tool that automates cluster deployment and management in your preferred on-prem, edge, or cloud environment. 

With this release, we introduce the kubeone local subcommand to provision a single-node Kubernetes cluster on current machine as well as support for Rocky Linux. We have added VMware Cloud Director to our list of supported providers. Additionally, KubeOne 1.5 supports Kubernetes 1.24.

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Manage Hybrid and Edge Deployments with Operating System Manager (OSM)

With its success as an experimental project since it’s introduction in KubeOne 1.4, OSM is now ready for production environments! The OSM decouples operating system configurations into dedicated and isolable resources for better modularity and maintainability. These isolated and extensible resources allow a high degree of customization. This is useful for hybrid, edge, and air-gapped environments.

It is enabled by default and is responsible for generating and managing user-data used for provisioning worker nodes. 

With regards to this, please note that 

  • Existing worker machines will not be migrated to use OSM automatically. The user needs to manually rollout all MachineDeployments to start using OSM. Please refer this document for detailed instructions
  • As an user, you have the choice to opt-out from OSM by setting .operatingSystemManager.deploy to false in their KubeOneCluster manifest

 For more details, please refer our documentation here.

Provision a Single-node All-in-One Cluster on a Local Machine

The kubeone local subcommand  helps initializing a cluster on a local machine- let’s call it the local cluster. Container runtime, control-plane and kubelet with some basics like CNI are installed, together with removed taints to unblock the single Node for a regular workloads. We call this “all-in-one cluster”.

The feature allows KubeOne to be used in environments that do not support SSH access, such as CI/CD environments, containers, and virtual machines.

Run Kubernetes 1.24

We are always doing our best to ensure support for the newest Kubernetes releases. The Kubernetes 1.24 is supported with this release, so you can enjoy all of the newest features and improvements. We are also conformance certified for Kubernetes 1.24. The Compatibility document includes a list of supported Kubernetes versions for each KubeOne release.

We hope the new release of KubeOne helps you operate your Kubernetes clusters with great ease and flexibility. Of course, we are always happy to learn about your thoughts and feedback on our cloud native projects. Just ping us on our Community Slack or on Github

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Read the complete changelog here

Instructions for upgrading are available here.

Mita Bhattacharya

Mita Bhattacharya

Product Marketing Manager