WOBCOM Builds the Digital Backbone for Wolfsburg’s Smart City

Smart City

The Challenge

Building Wolfsburg’s Smart City Infrastructure

As the internet service provider for the City of Wolfsburg, WOBCOM is responsible to build and manage the infrastructure required to centrally deliver the Smart City services being developed by the #WolfsburgDigital initiative. At the same time, the WOBCOM team wanted to maintain the focus of their own resources on the development of new digital offerings without having to allocate their time and effort on keeping things up and running.

The Solution

Migrate to One Centralized, Hands-Off Platform

WOBCOM was able to deliver a highly automated centralized platform by leveraging Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform (KKP) to create a true abstraction layer between their VMware vSphere powered data center and their containerized services. By opting for the Managed Service, their team did not have to invest in upfront knowledge building and migrated all of their existing services from zero to production in only three weeks.

The Impact

Time to Focus on Value Creation

By adding Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform as an abstraction layer, WOBCOM has turned their data center into a high performance cloud platform to deploy and roll out new Smart City services instantly. Thanks to the high adaptability of KKP, WOBCOM easily integrated a customized all flash Pure Storage system that allows them to consume and deliver real-time data in the highly distributed Smart City system. The WOBCOM team was and remains hands-off during and after this deployment, to focus on value creation through new innovative services.


WOBCOM GmbH is an ISP, based in Wolfsburg, Germany. Since 1996, WOBCOM has been providing internet and telephony services for residential and business customers in Wolfsburg, as well as IP-Transit services at all DC locations. WOBCOM’s data center offers highly robust, secure and monitored colocation services with a backbone of comprehensive national and international connectivity.

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3 Weeks

from zero to production