Building a Platform Engineering API Layer with kcp


Watch Marvin Beckers' talk at Platform Engineering Day EU 2024

Self-service is a central aspect of platform engineering, and platform engineering teams frequently build on top of Kubernetes to utilise its amazing API design. The kcp project has been accepted into the CNCF Sandbox in 2023 and extends Kubernetes API concepts beyond container orchestration. This talk will discuss how kcp supercharges platform engineering with a global control plane for all internal services. As a central API layer, kcp enables a SaaS-like experience between internal service providers and developers, transforming internal developer platforms into a service marketplace. All via concepts and tools that developers working with Kubernetes already know and love. kcp expands the world of platform engineering beyond the limits of single Kubernetes clusters, and therefore transforms the scale at which platform teams and internal service providers can operate. This talk will explore patterns for both service providers and developers and how kcp makes their lives easier.

Speaker: Marvin Beckers, Team Lead at Kubermatic

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