Distributing Instana to Customer Maintained Kubernetes Clusters


Watch the Recording of Jochen Mader's Talk at OperatorCon 2021

The experience of migrating Instana to Nomad, managing tons of updates and transfering petabytes of data Instana felt comfortable enough to start thinking about shipping Instana int Kubernetes clusters hosted by customers. Within the last year, Instana developed an operator based distribution for some of their biggest customers. By now, they have reached a stable release cycle and are working on new features. In this talk, you’ll learn more about the ups and downs Instana went through when implementing the operator.

Topics covered:

  • Why they picked Operators and what the other options were
  • How to orchestrate 30 different components and 5 different databases
  • Support air-gapped customers
  • Automatic updates
  • Testing such a complex operator using Unit/Integration/Test-pipelines

Jochen Mader, Principal Systems Engineer at Instana

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