How SIG Release Makes Kubernetes Releases Even More Stable & Secure


Watch Marko Mudrinić and Verónica López's Talk at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU 2023

SIG Release is one of the largest Kubernetes Special Interest Groups, responsible for delivering Kubernetes to millions of users. To accomplish that, individual contributors invest their time in developing various tools and libraries and ensuring that our release pipeline is as safe as possible. In this session, Verónica and Marko will show how Kubernetes influenced many other projects in the community by providing them with tooling that they can use to release their projects securely. They will highlight our two major efforts in 2023: moving packages from Google infra to the community-provided infra and migrating to the new image registry. Finally, they will talk about how you can join SIG Release and our efforts to make Kubernetes releases better. Watch and see what it means for you as an end user, and how you can build upon our efforts as a Kubernetes subproject maintainer.

Speakers: Marko Mudrinić, Software Engineer at Kubermatic & Verónica López, Software Engineer at PlanetScale.

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