How to Migrate 100 Clusters from On-Prem to Google Cloud Without Downtime


Watch the recording to see how an automated solution could look like in the future and what steps are missing

Have you ever thought about migrating your Kubernetes clusters to Google Cloud to get your services closer to your customers? Yes? Us too! Join us on an interactive journey to discover the main challenges of live migration at scale of etcd’s, traffic routing and application workloads from your on-premise platform to GCP. The talk will discuss the current state of the technical concept, known problems and insides of the already proven migration steps for stateless workloads.

As part of the journey, we’ll see

  • The differences between migrating one or one hundred clusters with productive workloads
  • What parts can be automated?
  • What steps may need to be manual?

Speakers: Tobias Schneck, Senior Software Engineer at Kubermatic & Manuel Stößel, Systems Architect at Kubermatic

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