Kubernetes-style APIS for SaaS-like Control Planes with kcp


Watch Marvin Beckers and Mangirdas Judeikis' talk at Project Lightning Talks at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU 2024

Kubernetes is all about orchestrating container workloads. But to orchestrate workloads at the scale that Kubernetes is used for, you need a solid API. Thankfully, the community built amazing technology to power the Kubernetes API, and a thriving ecosystem has since evolved around it. kcp is a CNCF Sandbox project that harnesses all the API building blocks of Kubernetes and moves them past workload orchestration. We are building a control plane to host any kind of API in a SaaS-like fashion, all powered by Kubernetes API concepts and rules. As a Kubernetes downstream project, kcp does not try to reinvent the wheel but to extend the Kubernetes APIs with stronger multitenancy, API management and global scalability capabilities.

Join us in exploring the core concepts that kcp adds to the Kubernetes API and discover how kcp could be the right fit for your next platform based on cloud native technologies.

Speakers: Marvin Beckers, Team Lead at Kubermatic with Mangirdas Judeikis (CAST AI)

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